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Article about: Another example of overpricing, a canteen for 50 euros

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    Default Re: Overpricing?

    some more, here is a brand new polish helmet with a sprayed eagle symbol for 30euros, i dont think its worth it
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    Default Re: Overpricing?

    Quote by sscrooge View Post
    apparently gasmasks sell well on ebay due to the kinky gimpy fetishers, and no its not my cup of tea,, John brandon was telling me how much he pays for them cheers Dave
    It seems overpricing is becoming the great scourge of almost every collecting activity on our planet now. Its a shame really that whilst a few decent sellers will sell at fair price squared by the particular items rarity and/or condition etc while others are only concerned with making as much money as they can particularly from collectors with little knowledge. German WW2 stuff is becoming ridiculous price wise. I recall the 'good old days' back in the early 1980's when i had just left school. With my first weeks wage i bought an SS sword which cost me 65.00. Back then there didnt seem the big hee haw over Nazi German memorabilia like there has been over the past ten years or so. I also bought a mint Brownshirts dagger for 80.00-ive seen some recently priced at 300-they are not exactly rare as millions were made and are in circulation so why the high prices we all ask? Its like deactivated guns-a few years ago i was told to get rid of any i had as the law was about to change and they would become worthless overnight. So i sold my WW2 43 dated Bren LMG for 200-i now regret doin that as far from dropping in price most WW2 Brens are now 350!!! I think its just a case largely of where you are and who you are dealing with in many cases. Car-Boots are a good source of genuine WW2 militaria if you look carefully and if not happy with asking price you can always barter and if that fails-walk away! Regards, Tim

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    Quote by NunoGTI View Post
    some more, here is a brand new polish helmet with a sprayed eagle symbol for 30euros, i dont think its worth it
    I truly believe this is the 1960s model but with a new coat of paint and with the eagle sprayed on it

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    Default Re: Overpricing?

    The problem i see too is that the newbie who start collecting wants thing now and don't want to wait so as an exemple i was watching a british uniform with hat ect and it went for something like almost 900$ us but the buyer was at 5 star only (happy for him/her) but i find a lot of thing go high du to people wanted to pay high price so sellers see that and raise their price .But the price of some of them are not worth what they are asking.
    Nuno i know what you mean i feel like i should start collecting something else cheaper.


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    Default Re: Overpricing?

    I like to see the issue from a different angle: overpaying.
    If you look at ebay, some trash or average items sells at crazy prices just because people bidded on them. Every week you can see fake buckles , rusty lids or insignia sold for big money. Just today I was following an auction for a very normal postcard size picture of a HJ boy and BDM girl and it sold for over 50 euros! Why people are prepared to pay such prices?
    This eventually lead to a general price increase, in my opinion.
    Another interesting aspect: I buy and sell militaria and sometimes I also attend fairs. It is amazing how genuine and outstanding stuff sit and remain unsold whilst cheap, average and very common stuff sells immediately. I have to remind myself not to trash alot of items because it is sure that they will be sold at the next fair. Is this the future of collecting? Buying cheap and common stuff?


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    Default Re: Overpricing?

    Zeller I tottaly agree with you

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    Default Re: Overpricing?

    Found one more, a lee enfield bayonet for 300 euros, how much do you think this could be worth?
    Best regards
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    Default Re: Overpricing?

    A ww1 german helmet in relic condition for 125euros
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