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Paranormal in your collection?

Article about: I have an idea for maybe a good long thread. I know from hearing from many collectors in the past that many items may have carried their previous owners "energies" with them. Have

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    Default Paranormal in your collection?

    I have an idea for maybe a good long thread. I know from hearing from many collectors in the past that many items may have carried their previous owners "energies" with them. Have any of you had experiences with items producing "weird phenomenons" in your house? I know we have some skeptics in this forum, but all of you please dont spoil the thread with posts saying these things don't exist. I know personally i have had experiences with "ghosts" but not from my collection.
    Please post your stories!!!

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    Default Re: Paranormal in your collection?

    Hi Ryan, There is already a thread on this subject...


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    Default Re: Paranormal in your collection?

    It's kind of spooky but I've had this same thing happen on
    several occasions -------------

    My wallet will suddenly go empty and then a couple days later
    a Iron Cross appears as if from no where.
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    I was addicted to the "Hokey-Pokey" but I've turned
    myself around.

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    Default Re: Paranormal in your collection?

    Light bulbs blowing out in my house almost weekly since I started collecting.

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    Default Re: Paranormal in your collection?

    My collection has not resulted in any unusual occurrences. Being that my house was built in 1829, when Andrew Jackson was president, and half of the Army of the Potomac passed through this area on the way to Gettysburg 150 years ago this month, I've already got weird things happening before I began adding my collection. We enjoy the crazy things that go on. I'd like to own one of the old farm houses outside Gettysburg, used as hospitals, and they still have blood stained floors, but they hardly ever go up for sale.

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    Default Re: Paranormal in your collection?

    If you seek something, you shall find it. The imagination is quite a powerful thing, add this along with a little mental hallucinations and you get "ghost". Sorry if I am raining on anyone's parade, but one must be able to separate fact from fiction, just like real or fake. Lol

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    Normally I stay away from posting about paranormal collections....... I have a decent sized collection for a young collector. I received the majority of it from a family member that served during the war. He passed it down to me a few years before he passed away. I had never done any research on the items until very recently, in fact I had not seriously examined, or even touched, any of my collection for about 4 years. After I found this forum I began posting images and asking other members about information on my collection. I began handling EVERY piece in my collection to take pictures to post online. I keep the majority of my collection in a safe in my basement. For some reason I would hear the stairs creeking to the basement even though no one was near and I felt like someone else was in the room with me. I found out, through use of this forum, that one of my helmets had been a corpse cut- cut away from a body. Another of my items, a type 99 Arisaka, had been taken off of a Japanese soldier after their last ditch banzai charge on Kiska island. I know that these things were all probably coincidence but it is still kind of eerie learning about the past and it is mindblowing to think that the soldiers that carried the items in my collection could have perished while fighting for their countries. I have a new respect for all of my collection and I display them in a positive light..... I will probably get hated on for this post.....

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    Am I the only person who has experienced something like this??

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