Hi Gents, this is for Paul/E (one of our outstanding Mods ;-)) and Stewy and Fischer and anyone else whos is interested?

I have not been able to be on this site for weeks because of several things.
1) My computer is on teh Fritz (no pun intended) so I have to use library computers and am only allowed on for 1 hopur per day-which si not enough time to do more than go to one site-which im usually at: World War II Forums
2) Thanks to limited time, I rarely have time to try getting here and when I do-I have had log-on problems and could not log on for some reason.

3) I recently relocated from Houston to Autin-or about 150 miles as the Crow flies. Im not fully set up there and will nto be, because by May at the latest-ill be relocating once again.

Anyway, I wanted to let those interested knoww hats going on and why I could not be here? Also, I promised a few Gents here copies of all my photo CDs and they will get them-but probably not till Feb at least-mostly because this move totally drained my savings account and im about $500 in the hole.

Take care Gents and Merry Christmas--Carl.