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Pawel Nowak.

Article about: Just noticed this thief [ ] also said to be [ ] is a member on 'Wehrmacht awards forum'. Not a member, so could someone who is put a po

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    Default Re: Pawel Nowak.

    That IS a good one.

    Probably the most realistic chance of success too.

    Nice one.


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    Default Re: Pawel Nowak.

    Quote by nomis View Post
    Apology, been away from the computer and had'nt seen the postings.

    Sarcastic comments are most the frausters at any rate. In fact i will lay money on the fact they are peeing themselves laughing at this thread and how it is evident there is in fact no real hunger to prevent them from operating.

    I have voiced my thoughts and am not in a position to act effectively alone. There seems no desire to act together and try and improve on measures which currently allow the fraudsters to work with impunity.

    I have described how i believe we need to operate, which has been rejected.....which is fine. So if everyone is happy supporting the fraudsters business by not changing things, merely discussing the current status, then that too is fine.To keep the 'status-quo' is afterall the simplest solution.

    As stated, i am 'new' to this particular aspect of my hobby and also to actively participating in forums. I deliberately kept clear of forums specifically as a result of viewing different ones relating to different subjects and seeing how the 'committee syndrome' exists and how flippant, arrogant and at times abusive conversations and comments obstruct any useful action. Its almost as those those perpetrating the problems are directing a particular 'discussion' at times. Again, sat at a keyboard its amazing what can be done anonymously. Who knows.

    With regard to the Authorities, my experience is very recent......and one point to this thread was to learn more of other peoples knowledge and handling of what amounts to 'international crime' before acting, as i told PN i WILL be involving them. However, as i have found in the past with other problems, acting alone is very often totally ineffective.......hence my reason for sounding out the 'will to act' of others.

    Unfortunately, i am not encouraged by the discussion for the reasons already stated. Yes, i shall be getting off my arse and doing something.......details already collated. I have little faith in the response i will get , particularly in view of what i have now learnt from those who have seemingly been doing this for years.

    You need to look back at my comments, i see no point in repeating them.

    What would i suggest needs doing ? well, other than the comments i have already made and those which require everyone operating businesses/sites plus us the private individuals to operate together on a constantly updated, co-ordinated and well advertised basis , it is not in my power to dictate, but the present measures are not working. The Authorities seem unable/unwilling to act and operating as individuals alone is not working.
    In view of the general lack of will , i can only suggest that you/we carry on 'as usual' . It will not help seasoned ,or fresh-faced enthusiasts from meeting these fraudsters,or hamper thier businesses.
    I guess prominent displays of fraudsters are not perhaps the first thing a business wants potential customers to see, but that is part of the fraudsters success. It does seem to work for some and until we all proactively stand up for ourselves, both as individuals and members of a society things will not change.

    I am sure there are individuals out there who have good ideas for resolving problems, but they need to be voiced and co-ordinated to have any chance of success.

    But, i'm happy , the general consensus seems to be to leave things as they are , which is fine. As i said, i wanted some answers and i got them.

    Job done. SF.
    Right, to address some of the points made here.

    There is a hunger to stop these folks from operating as has already been stated numerous times. The desire to work together will only come about when direct action can be seen to be taken and those who have lost money can see a way to take action and do their bit to bite back. The trouble is, no-one really knows where to go or who to report these things to and have very little faith their complaints will be taken seriously.

    The 'committee syndrome' is not in place here and never will be. There is no way to control flippancy or arrogance or to a certain extent abuse because everyone interprets these things differently and it is hard to know the manner in which a person is writing when all you can do is read what they want to say. Direct abuse will be dealt with. Foul language, insults and behaviour not within the spirit of the forum is very minor here and any action against those who flout the forum rules and guidelines is meted out swiftly and fairly.
    Everyone is welcome and everyone is encouraged to post and give their opinion, as long as it doesn't devolve into long winded slanging matches and a tirade of abuse.

    If any person here has taken steps to report fraudulent behaviour by individuals to authorities it would be extremely useful if they could share it here. As I said in the first paragraph, a lack of action is becasue no-one knows what action to take.
    Therefore if a method of reporting can be established and it is known where to go and what results are achieved it will help and encourage more to do so, the ball will be rolling so to speak.

    Don't keep secrets, don't act alone. If collective action is what is needed no-one will benefit from not knowing what to do. Give us timelines, the names of the organisations you've reported to, what the answers are given, what the general response time is, etc.

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    Default Re: PAWEL NOWAK arsehole

    Quote by nomis View Post
    Yeh, thats great...............when you know what/who you are looking for [ crook-wise ] and if in life you treat everyone you have dealings with , or are going to have dealings with, as a thieving arsehole.

    Personally, i believe in ' treat others as you would wish to be treated yourself '.

    It is painfully obvious, from the length of time arseholes like him have been thieving from the collecting community, the current system DOES NOT WORK, otherwise he would not be able to continue, or have been doing it so long.

    It is by constantly updating and publicising these crooks identities that both the existing members and new members of all and any collecting organisations can hope to prevent them 'feeding' off our flesh, as it were.

    If someone has a better idea, and i think it's something that needs to be dealt with 'in-house' , that will rid us of such scum, step forward with your comments. I can only see that by sticking together can there be any real chance to cut off thier 'supply'.

    I am struck by a certain lack of willingness to speak-out against these arses, considering the numbers they obviously impact upon. Perhaps that is more of a comment on society and maybe 'we' are happy to accept past actions and happy to allow them to continue.

    I would rather it stopped, or failing stop collecting............period. I do not want to treat everyone as low-life scum. Having recently become more involved in the forum and having read many, many chats questioning wether a particular item is 'fake' or not, it is obvious that there is a much bigger market in high priced fakes than in the genuine article.

    Whilst there will always be a market for ' reproductions ' , these are not and are sold,or otherwise, as genuine.

    I feel the community needs to have a centrally located data-base, constantly update and readily advertised/accessible to and by everyone, so that any member of the public can use it. Forum member,or not.

    Maybe there is one already out there................but if there is, it aint good enough, coz it aint workin to stop them.

    I really feel for all of those who have been ripped off of their hard earned money and people like Nowak should be held accountable for their actions. You have to be so careful these days particularly when dealing with people offering militaria abroad. I have dealt with one or two and they have been decent and honest, but for every decent seller there are ten con merchants. As for Nowak id like to think he will eventually mess with the wrong person and maybe come to a sticky end at the bottom of a river or something-we can dream i guess! Regards, Tim.

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    Default Re: Pawel Nowak.

    As is the case with most activities, such as this, the most effective way to make them go away is to remove the market place for fraudulent items and sellers. The only real way to do this is through education of others, the main reason so many such as myself, come to these get educated on what is and what is not. Unfortunately, not everyone does so, probably out of simple lack of knowing about the vast number of fradulent items and people, when starting out collection.

    As hunting down and destroying the bad people is not likely to happen maybe the best bet is to eliminate the market by education. Legit sellers, be it at a show, store front or internet maybe should post information alarting new collectors of the large fradulent market and urge them to educate themselves. But of course, even doing so there will always be those of us that will not heed any warning or just have to have that Too Good To Be True item......

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    Default Re: Pawel Nowak.

    Justice comes in many forms and I would at least like to think that he is always peering over his shoulder or when he sits in a public place he keeps his back to the wall to keep watch on all the entrances. Every one makes mistakes gentlemen and I am positive that he will one day as well. Unfortunately we may never know when this happens.I still believe that sharing information on this man and his activities is one of are best defences as well as informing the authorities on a local or international level here in Canada there is a special branch that stricktly deals with and investigates internet fraud. And I would think in the U.S that the F.B.I would do the same.

    Regards Mark K

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    Default Re: Pawel Nowak.

    Look at what he's currently offering on; Tweedehands artikelen |
    He changed his username.


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    Default Re: Pawel Nowak.

    Quote by Ingrid Patrouille View Post
    Look at what he's currently offering on; Tweedehands artikelen |
    He changed his username.

    Anyone who falls for those prices deserves getting raped by the scum sucking piece of amphibian poo that is Nowak. If they are as naive to pay what is literally peanuts for helmets worth thousands, without doing even a rudimentary investigation into the item itself, and it's true value that they desire so much, then, too bad....I have no sympathy with them whatsoever....If you work lazy be prepared to get bit, endex.

    Last edited by big ned; 09-24-2011 at 11:56 PM. Reason: Toned it down...a bit.
    'I do not think we can hope for any better thing now.
    We shall stick it out to the end, but we are getting weaker of course, and the end cannot be far.
    It seems a pity, but I do not think I can write more. R. SCOTT.
    Last Entry - For God's sake look after our people.'

    In memory of Capt. Robert Falcon Scott, Edward Wilson, Henry Bowers, Lawrence Oates and Edgar Evans. South Pole Expedition, 30th March 1912.

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    Default Re: Pawel Nowak.

    As you can see the link doesn't work anymore. The mods removed his acc..
    I don't know if they know Pawel Nowak or not, but he was trying to sell those helmets with a description in English. The English language is not permitted on


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    Default Re: Pawel Nowak.

    I did manage to get a look at thoes helmets and sent him a reply on the DAC helmet Ingrid. Iam curious if he will respond or not the listed prices could be very tempting to the uninformed collector and I am shur he has reeled in many a fish this way over the years and Ned you are right as the saying goes (A fool and his money shall soon be parted)

    Regards Mark K

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    Default Re: Pawel Nowak.

    Well, here he is again; Tweedehands artikelen |


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