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pawn stars

Article about: hi , went on to you tube after reading this thread early tonight , watched 2 episodes of american pickers . interesting , its amazing what people treasure . we are probably just as crazy col

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    Quote by blackheart0866 View Post
    I do like American pickers more, they seem like very honest , and they give a man what the value is actually.

    I will agree,I do like American picker alot.But the pawn star I do not and some of their expert about militaria tell prices that are not correct.

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    Quote by blackheart0866 View Post
    I don't like the way they practically steal an item from someone
    I have to disagree, Brian. Individuals go into the shop trying to sell an item. They are not forced into selling it and can by all means walk out if they are not happy with the price they are offered. And if they do not research the price of an item before going in, well that is their loss. They should have done their homework beforehand, same as most of us on here do.

    As for them bragging about how much they paid for the item and how much more it is worth, isnít that the definition of a business; buy low, sell high? The supermarket doesnít pay retail on milk. How else are they supposed to make a profit? As for them bragging about it, I could see how this could be unethical, but itís a TV show and they have to ham it up.

    Some have said the same about American Pickers (not on here). Same argument; they go to these places and offer to buy items that have been sitting in someoneís yard, rusting away for 30 years. Finally someone shows interest and people are up in arms saying they are ripping the person off.

    Personally, I enjoy both shows. My buddy and I always talk about starting a picking business, although I would probably wind up keeping more items than I sell!

    Pickers has had a few military items. Last show they had a leather pilotís helmet from WWII. They picked a Japanese helmet that they thought was an American helmet last season. It was in mint condition and I think they only paid $30 bucks for it! The first or second episode they picked a WWII cavalry saddle.

    As for Pawn Stars, I always find myself yelling at the TV when someone brings in military items. There was an episode where a guy brought in a shortened down K98 bayo, a Yugo bayo and a Sawback bayo. Rick, the owner, thought the Yugo was the most valuable because it was in perfect condition. I kept screaming, no, no! Buy the Sawback!!

    Pawn Stars has had quite a few other military items. Just this season they had someone who brought in an infant gas mask suit from the UKÖ.pretty creepy item. Thereís been quite a few other items, but I wonít go into detail.

    Well, thatís my two cents!

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    Quote by Maschinenpistole 40 View Post
    We get the show here, loved the one where the guy bought in an Ejection seat from ww2......
    Ade its on History channel today ( 15-7-10-) at 16.00
    Maschinenpistole, that ejection seat actually turned out to be from Vietnam era. Crazy though because it still contained the explosive charge to propell the seat! Had someone pulled the cord while sitting in it at the owner's house, they could have been killed!

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    i think Pawn Stars in contrived:come on,,,how many people REALLY bring the kind of stuff that shows up in to a local pawn shop,,,as stated earlier,,there is no dearth of buyers so why even mess with a pawn store with the reps that have been earned by these shops since they've been open,,plus they have a panel of "experts" who themselves are in business,,,they must script this show every week,run ads to bring in unusual stuff for them to lookover,,what a crock

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    Quote by militarymania View Post
    i think Pawn Stars in contrived:come on,,,how many people REALLY bring the kind of stuff that shows up in to a local pawn shop
    I agree, but on the other hand, the shop is in Las Vegas. People will practically sell anything for a buck there. Plus, I've been out there, and there are coin, gun, collectible, and militaria shops everywhere there. So yeah, it's probably scripted to some extent, but I think a lot of the merchandise coming in is actual people selling stuff...


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    I watch the show all the time, If you live in a different country just go on youtube theres a channel with all the eposodes

    But im gonna have to agree with Brian, I remember they take pride that they tell people have much they`re items are worth but in my opinion they`re lying at a couple of times they say they items are worth farless then they are. I heard a story in which 1 man brang his Uncles 3rd Reich medals there and the old man didnt wanna take them as they`re family related but the the old mans son+ his son tried to convince him to sell it telling him they`re not worth that much.

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    my friend went to Vegas, the line was a block long.. they all want to see Chumney carry stuff from all over the world wanting to get on TV - i like the pickers to, some times they over pay

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    They certainly do lie but other times, they screw themselves by bringing in "experts." The expert tells them its worth a huge amount and the person who came in the shop wants that price. Then again, the shop owners could be paying off the "experts" to give a low estimate Who knows. I try to just focus on the stuff being brought it, cuz the people that sell some of the stuff for nothing just aggravate me.


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    I like the show. There is nothing crooked about making a profit on bought items. If you take an offer for something you want to sell there is no crime there.
    I always laugh at those that think dealers should work for nothing.
    The old capitalist

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    Sounds like the US version of David Duckingstools "Dickinsons Real Deal" ..

    Gary J.

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