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pawn stars

Article about: hi , went on to you tube after reading this thread early tonight , watched 2 episodes of american pickers . interesting , its amazing what people treasure . we are probably just as crazy col

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    Default pawn stars

    not sure really where to post this. do any of you watch pawn stars on the history channel?

    they have some militaria on there from time to time. its a neat show : )

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    Not a show that I have ever seen here in the UK: catchy title

    Cheers, Ade.

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    Default Re: pawn stars

    I watch it from time to time...I like American Pickers more then Pawn Stars though

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    Default Re: pawn stars

    I don't like the way they practically steal an item from someone, how they say its only worth this much, and then they brag on TV , how its worth a lot more money after the guy leaves the store.

    To me, that makes me not trust any pawn store, from the way they act, like they enjoy ripping people off.

    And his son, and the village idiot , OMG are they serious, or what.


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    Quote by theotherhomer View Post
    I watch it from time to time...I like American Pickers more then Pawn Stars though
    I do like American pickers more, they seem like very honest , and they give a man what the value is actually.


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    yea i actually agree that i like american pickers more, but i never see any militaria on american pickers. you would think that they would find something from time to time.

    and after all, the pawn shop guys rely on their business to make a living. you cant really blame them for only giving people half an item's value. they have to be able to make their profit. i just like the stuff that people bring in. its kind of stupid though, why bring things to a pawn shop when you can easily sell them on ebay for twice as much?

    american pickers in my dream job : )

    and ade, i highly reccomend these two shows to you. i bet you would enjoy them. look them up on youtube or something.

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    We get the show here, loved the one where the guy bought in an Ejection seat from ww2......
    Ade its on History channel today ( 15-7-10-) at 16.00

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    Default Re: pawn stars

    Definition of A pawn shop,Fence for stolen goods. Anyone out there will know what I am talking about if you had go into one and buy your own stuff back.

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    Default Re: pawn stars

    By the way I have seen the show and they all look like a store full of ''boneheads''.

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    Default Re: pawn stars

    its a great watch

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