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People judgmental about your collection?

Article about: There will always be people who do not understand and will create problems or pester people over it. Morris

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    Default Re: People judgmental about your collection?

    Quote by Sir Payne View Post
    My grandfather told me the other day that when he was a kid back in the late 1940's, he use to ride his bike around his neighborhood while wearing a DD Heer helmet. He said it was comfortable and safe (he crashed a few times). But he also said that people would always yell at him to take it off because it was glorifying the Nazis.

    I never get any negative comments on my collection, mainly because I don't show it around. I would really like to display a War flag for the background of my helmets, but I wouldn't feel right about displaying it out in the open when guest are visiting. People can be very judgmental sometimes, thinking that their opinions should be heard and accepted by everybody else.

    My cousin in Crete when he was a child in the late 50's said he used to play a certain game... He went on top of a church right where the bells are and had with him as many FJ helmets he could. Then he was filling the helmets with water and by holding them from their chinstraps he was letting them fall down on the road. The weight of the helmet with all the water combined caused the helmet to explode in little pieces everywhere creating a mini bomb! Just imagine how many helmets were destroeyd that way... It makes me sad!

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    Default Re: People judgmental about your collection?

    Quote by crites1234 View Post
    once my collection gets bigger than the few items i have i plan to dedicate one large room as my war room/ my happy place and only a select few will be allowed to enter
    speak "friend" and enter!

    ~gandalf the grey / crites1234 ~

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    Default Re: People judgmental about your collection?

    Quote by 4thskorpion View Post
    I wonder just how many "secret museums" in back rooms, lofts, spare bedrooms, garages etc there must be in the stash included of course.
    Just imagine every member's room! plus other forum's members! plus persons from no forums, plus plus plus plus plus!!! The thing that i think the most and thrilles me is that you may pass outside an old house and inside may be a hidden treasure somewhere that you may never have the chance to find because the owner doesn't give a penny about it! We must to invent a WW2 militaria radar.... Moderators start gathering money for this project and equip all our members!!!

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    Default Re: People judgmental about your collection?

    Our family was affected by the 'final solution' as well as the Japanese expansion ( lives were lost ) so there is a dim view of me collecting German items within my extended family. I have long since stopped justifying myself to them or others and show items only to my other friends - i.e. you guys and gals!

    I do not collect SS, NSDAP or Japanese ( for reasons that remain personal ) but am completely comfortable with the TR items I do have.

    Where do they live? ...... in the garage office ( my man cave ) and that suits me fine.

    Cheers all, Dan
    " Too many Florence Nightingales, not enough Robin Hoods. Too many halos not enough heroes, coming up with the goods "
    The Housemartins, "Flag day"

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    Default Re: People judgmental about your collection?

    Quote by daniel1234 View Post
    Good old lemmy.

    I've not had people make comments towards me being a "nazi" or "racist" for collecting some reich items.
    However, I do have people in my ear saying how its a waste of money and basically junk.
    "junk".... that word... If i had a penny for every time i hear it for my items....

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    Default Re: People judgmental about your collection?

    i find that most people that see my collection, like to ask why do i collect and what are the items i have. and a few say no i dont want to touch any of it because it has bad vibes to it.
    but i do find that it can make some people open up and talk, witch can be a good thing somtimes, but can be a bad thing to.
    i showed my mates grandpar a german helmet once and he told me and my mate more about the war then what he had ever said to his wife and sons in 70 odd years. but i could still see what he went throught, still brings pain.and he said dont collect that ss stuff they were just a bunch of pricks i wont go into what he said. but he has evey right to that just like we all have the freedom to collect what we want. and people should respect that. but we should respect there veiws to.

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    Default Re: People judgmental about your collection?

    the majority of the time ive posted threads on my collection ,the feedback has always been fairly positive of course sometimes a certain individual can throw in a negative ,these people are often very new to the forum and you dont hear from them again ,i always listen to the feedback though and if i agree will make the necessary changes ,its always good to hear other members idea's
    Regards James

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    Default Re: People judgmental about your collection?

    Quote by youthcollector1 View Post
    My Step grandfather who was Jewish serviced in Europe. He brought back many items as well as collected to the day he died. Due to this, that side of my family is usually understanding. I tell the "unsure" once that this is not just Germans history, but ours as well. We will forever be intermingled together due to the holocaust. That and would you rather it be in my hands where I can teach from it, or the hands of some neo nazi who worships it? Anyways, could we see how you display your paperwork, I find paperwork the most challenging to display.
    Bravo Cody!!! Wisest words from your grandfather. So true as it "IS" both The Germans,, the Jewish people,,( and if I may add ).... all other countries and nationalities who were involved to topple the TR regime.
    It is not the size of a Collection in History that matters......Its the size of your Passion for it!! - Larry C

    One never knows what tree roots push to the surface of what laid buried before the tree was planted - Larry C

    “The farther back you can look, the farther forward you are likely to see.” - Winston Churchill

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    Default Re: People judgmental about your collection?

    I here you Daniel, exactly my experience !!
    People not interested in militaria, think of it as junk in general. Except for my Pickelhaube, maybe because it is more antik looking, I don´t know

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    Default Re: People judgmental about your collection?

    hiding your collection away will protect you from negative comments and thieves, but if people dont know you collect you may miss out on an awesome item . How many of you have been given a great piece of militaria just from word of mouth?
    I'v had mates come round......." i found this in my shed you collect this crap dont you"

    when i first started collecting i as a little timid and worried about what people think nowdays i dont really care. I would rather cop a few negative comments and have a wider network of people looking for me.
    after all im confident that my collection is not going to turn me into a neonazi( although i do have a shaved head) and i have you guys to validate that im not the only one out there collecting this "crap"

    Regards Paul

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