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Please and thank you.

Article about: I have noticed lately that a lot of newer members will post an item and after receiving replies, never respond. It seems these chaps were never educated properly to be courteous asking pleas

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    Quote by Composite View Post
    ....we may as well let them in too.....some one here is bound to respond to them too! :-)
    oh people have!!!

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    It is a shame that people find the words 'please' and 'thank you' so difficult. Not only on this forum, but in society in general. You'd think manners cost money with the amount of rude and indignant people that walk the earth these days. This seems to be a wider societal problem, rather than one exclusive to this forum.

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    Default I’ve’s down to US to respond accordingly .......and we’re not.

    Just talking about it doesn’t change things - WE have to say something in our response or not respond. There is a very small number of members who challenge and then the vast majority who either don’t care or don’t have the b@lls to stand firm. It’s a losing battle being fought by hypocrites in the main.

    To help the weaker members, they could simply respond by posting the link to THIS thread....

    Oh, and how many Forum members visit this thread anyway????

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    ahh when I see it I bail it up. In general I can see when and when not to respond on a thread. All is choice.

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    mmmmm...."choice" won't fix it....CONSISTENCY will....

    but enough has been said. I'll leave it now for someone else to raise the same issue again (HERE but not to the posters) in 3 months time.

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