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Portuguese youth History

Article about: The female jacket, again the number 2 stands for the rank of "Infant" 10-14 years old.

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    Default Portuguese youth History

    I have no idea where to post this.
    I thought on creating a thread about the portuguese youth, mainly because im portuguese and i love its history.
    It was based on the idea of the Hitler youth, same principle, however it did not reached the scale of its base and did not stoped with the end of the war, it went on to 1974 until the 25th of April, the day of the revolution. It meant the end of fascism in Portugal.

    Here are the facts:

    The Portuguese Youth was a youth organization created by Decree-Law No. 26611 of May 19, 1936, in order to "encourage young people's full development of physical capacity, the formation of character and devotion to the Motherland" . Through Decree-Law No. 28262 of December 8, 1937 was created the female section of the Portuguese Youth or Portuguese Youth Women (MPF). Both were abolished in April 25, 1974.

    The emblem awarded to Portuguese Youth (MP) was introduced into the Flag of Portugal in D. John I, personality - along with Nun'Álvares Pereira - was considered a mentor of the organization. This emblem was used both in the form of symbol in the shape itself under the flag. The emblem of the MPF shortly after its creation, was the version of the emblem of the MP, but flattery, the traditional feminine form of shield in Portuguese heraldry.

    Membership in the Youth was mandatory for all young people between seven and 14 years, until 1971, when it became optional. The members were grouped in the following mandatory steps: Lusito (7 to 10 years) and Infants (10 to 14 years). The next phase of the avant-garde (14 to 17 years) since it was only mandatory for those attending all secondary schools. If continue their studies, the members could remain in the Youth up to 26 years in the rank of Cadet or the MP of the Lusaka FPM. Cadets receive military training and formed the Militia of the MP.

    Both the MP and the MPF were organized into divisions - corresponding to areas of the provinces or autonomous district of the Azores and Madeira - which is subdivided into wards. Within the wards and in each grade, there were the following formations: machinery (composed of five elements), castles (composed of five machines), flags (composed of 12 castles) and phalanges (consisting of two flags). Within the flags, the castles were grouped into groups of four castles. The head of such training was carried out by graduates with the following posts: Head of quinine, commander of the castle, master and commander of the flag phalanx.

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    Default Re: Portuguese youth History

    Now on to the equipment.

    These are the banners:

    1st the female banner

    2nd the male banner
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    Default Re: Portuguese youth History

    These are the youth leader belt, jacket and cap, trousers and symbol.

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    Default Re: Portuguese youth History

    Youth leader symbol and uniform.

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    Default Re: Portuguese youth History

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    Default Re: Portuguese youth History

    A beautiful uniform from the 40`s.
    On the right a pin for the tie.

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    Default Re: Portuguese youth History

    A few items from my personal collection, the belt and shirt from the 60`s.
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    Default Re: Portuguese youth History

    For sunday school and church.

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    Default Re: Portuguese youth History

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    Default Re: Portuguese youth History

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