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Post War German Flag Ribbon

Article about: Here is one of those odd items I pick up from time to time, can anyone please translate what is on the ribbon for me? Thank you Dean O Canada

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    Hello Dean,

    here is the translation of the mail I got.
    I hope my english is good enough and ev'rything is understandable

    If you like to have a pdf of the original mail just give me your mail address.

    Center of Leadership Development and Civic Education
    Department of Law
    Squad for Principles

    In 1990 the former president of Germany Richard von Weizsäcker agreed to the intent of the federal government of Germany to award a special banner ribbon to the allied troops which are leaving Germany.
    This banner ribbon (made of silk) was awarded in recognition of their services rendered to preserve peace in freedom.
    The allied units (NATO headquarters) has to be at least a battalion which were carrying a troop flag or a comparative symbol.
    The units have to be in Germany for at least 5 years until the date of their pullout from Germany (earliest date was third of October 1990).
    The units received the banner ribbon and a deed.

    From 1990 until 1993 approximately 200 to 250 ribbons were awarded.

    Only the deed can tell which units received the ribbons.

    The date of 1992 on your ribbon is a hint that this ribbon was awarded in 1992 and that the awarded unit left Germany in this year.
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    THank you VERY MUCH, so that solves a Mystery.

    It is Great that some members of this forum will do so much to help out other Members!!

    Thank you again!!!

    Dean O

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