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Protestor beheads Hitler waxwork

Article about: Protestor beheads Hitler waxwork Kevin Dowling A waxwork model of Adolf Hitler was beheaded by a protester today in Berlin minutes after the controversial exhibit was unveiled. Just after th

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    Protestor beheads Hitler waxwork Kevin Dowling

    A waxwork model of Adolf Hitler was beheaded by a protester today in Berlin minutes after the controversial exhibit was unveiled.

    Just after the opening of the new branch of Madame Tussauds museum in the German capital, a 41-year-old German man pushed aside two security men guarding the exhibit and wrenched the model’s head off.

    The protester did not resist arrest when police arrived shortly afterwards and he is being investigated for assault and damaging property.

    Critics have attacked the waxwork figure of a glum-looking Adolf Hitler in a mock bunker during the last days of his life as being in bad taste.

    It is illegal in Germany to show Nazi symbols and art glorifying Hitler and commentators have said it is inappropriate to display the Nazi dictator alongside celebrities, pop stars, world statesmen and sporting heroes.

    Institutions such as the foundation for Germany’s central Holocaust memorial site condemned the idea of the exhibit as tasteless, saying it had been included simply as a commercial stunt. The wax figure is the latest in a gradual breaking down of taboos about Hitler in Germany more than 60 years after the end of the war and the Holocaust in which some six million Jews, and other groups, were killed.

    It took around 25 workers four months to make the waxwork, using more than 2,000 pictures and pieces of archive material. They were also guided by a model of the “Fuehrer” in the London branch of Madame Tussauds.

    Unobtrusive signs near the exhibit asked visitors to refrain from taking photos or posing with Hitler “out of respect for the millions of people who died during World War Two”.

    Camera surveillance and museum officials were meant to stop inappropriate behaviour.

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    Police: Man rips off wax Hitler's head
    In this July 3, 2008 file photo, a figure depicting former German dictator Adolf Hitler is displayed at the Madame Tussauds Berlin Wax Museum, in Berlin, on Thursday, July 3, 2008. Berlin police say a man has ripped off the head of the wax figure, shortly after the museum opened to the public on Saturday morning July 5, 2008. (AP
    Some folks are never happy!

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    SS Ring Man

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    O.K. everyone lets all grow up now "BIG BAD HITLER IS DEAD AND SO IS HIS GOVERMENT" now some 60++years.We how have been collecting this stuff have lived with the stain that we are some kined of neo-nazi.I can tell you and everyone around that I'm not one,and lot of other's that I know of are not.My own work with holocaust teaching should stand alone!Yes bad thing happen and so many payed with there lives,but most of that happen as the world sat by and wachted and did nothing.It's history and to hide it,destory it,or wish it went away does more harm then good.If we are all so thin skin to all around us,then someone some were will bitch about everything and fiend someone who will listed and pow!!! a new movment has started.and shit rolls down hill from there.more bands on things for if we make it so that people can not have thoes items thay will go away in time.Lets all put our heads in the sand and the world will be a better place????Remember ebay the pin hole of light and soon the whole room is full of light,thats what will happen to us if someone get a bug up there A-- about our collecting.All anyone see is the dark past and no one wants to forget it,but have one person who collects and belives in the clap trap of the nazi.And we will all have to go underground.I remember back in the 70s some nut job on Long Isand New York shoot up some place killed a few folks and then himself,thay went to his home and found it full of nazi stuff.What thay failed to let every one know was that all the stuff he had was repro.You and I know the real stuff from the bad,but JOE & JANE LUNCH PAIL can not to them a nazi item is what it is.Made 1933 or 2008 it's all the same and if it's going to keep us safe lets get ried of it.So my good band of brother's we are all in the same boat,if some wack'o goes out kills 5 or 20 people and someone in the Goverment set into motion a Bill to ban what we all collect,and I need not mention the B.S. in England about swords.The wrighting will be on the wall,and the flood gates are open.Thanks for the RANT Darrell

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    I saw this on the BBC TV news. The quality of the waxwork head was very impressive and really did look to true to life.

    BBC NEWS | World | Europe | Hitler waxwork beheaded

    A stupid act of vandalism.

    Cheers, Ade.

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