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questions/experts /reputations

Article about: Thanks ! some very good food for thought , from all party"s here . i am trying to think of the best way to bring this to the next stage of showing examples were you have experts with op

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    Thanks ! some very good food for thought , from all party"s here . i am trying to think of the best way to bring this to the next stage of showing examples were you have experts with oppsite views .

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    Reputations are earned not given and everyone has their own idea of who an expert is or what a reputation means in their own eyes. I know who I consider to be an expert in a particular field and who's reputation I consider to be a worthy one.

    Experience is what makes those people who they are in my eyes and what they have contributed to the hobby. How they conduct themselves and the fact they can back up their statements with facts is how they earn their reputation. Those who are willing to help, answer questions, guide and educate over and over again.

    Before you post examples of 'experts' with opposing views, just consider the fact that not everyone will agree with you on the term 'expert' applying to a particular individual. It's each to their own so I suggest not using the word 'expert', it means nothing as it is a title bestowed all to easily and quite often wrongly.
    Why not say 'two collectors'?

    Also, as this has nothing to do with the SS I will move it to the Discussions forum.

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    Quote by hawkins View Post
    So what happins when these Learned people have a different view on originality of a item . my self i try and take a over view of what has been said then add my own thoughts to the Equation
    I would say that in a case such as that the owner of the item would actually be forced to develop an opinion of their own.

    I would generally agree with Adrian's comments about so-called 'experts'. The availability of people who have more experience is no substitute for developing one's own expertise in your chosen field. There is definitely a laziness in collecting today, where the form seems to be:

    a) find something to buy
    b) post pictures of it on a forum
    c) get opinion of 'experts'
    d) buy item
    e) post item to get "nice one " comments.

    The whole point of collecting, surely, should be that it is an extension of a deep interest in something, and therefore, the primary point of the whole exercise should be to develop your own understanding. This however, takes years of reading, comparing, discussing, collecting reference material and, most importantly, learning how to research properly, and the whole collecting experience should be just this: a personal development. The input of others, especially those who have already developed their knowledge to a higher level, is, of course, a massive help when it is used to encourage discussion so that you can learn new things and build your own expertise. Asking opinions is fine, and indeed the only way, but when it is just used as an "is this real? Yes or No" opportunity, not only is it tiresome to those viewing, but is actually of no real value to the 'new collector'.

    The situation originally described is exactly what you should want to find, an intellectually stimulating reason to actually figure it out for yourself, and then present the results of your research for the 'experts' to discuss... right?


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    The use of the word "Expert" was simply the colloquial use of the word, is all. Substitute the word "Specialist" for "Expert"....perhaps it would be more accurate then?

    "Much that once was, is lost. For none now live who remember it."

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    Rob, you have made an excellent point, and one that has opened my eyes. I have to admit that I am guilty of taking part in the lackadaisical process you have described. I think a lot of younger collectors, myself included, are often intimidated by some of the rare pieces of the veteran collectors. We just stare in awe and say "wow, that must have cost a fortune, I have never seen that before!", never giving any thought to the actual historical significance of the piece. I often find that when I take my time examining every little detail of the piece, and closely reading every word of the post, I gain so much more appreciation for what is being discussed.

    In regards to what Hawkins has posted, I think it is very important for people to work together to come to conclusions, especially on those controversial topics. There will always be disagreements, but as time continues, so does our knowledge of certain areas. As others have said, this is due to faithful collectors and historians who uncover this new information.

    On a more sour note, we have to accept the fact that knowledge in some areas of WWII militaria is insufficient; therefore, we can not form any kind of honest opinion. In cases such as this we have no choice but to state that we just don't know.


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    Thanks for your kind words, Corey

    I should say that I wasn't saying that the less experienced shouldn't ask questions, or get expert opinions before making a purchase, especially in the Nazi realms of collecting where mistakes are costly. After all, you will never get a sufficient knowledge without this kind of interaction with others. I suppose my point is more that the 'experts' (or whatever we want to call them) shouldn't be taken for granted. In reality, there are very many people on this forum with areas of expertise, who enjoy sharing information, and i have to say, when something comes up that I know the answer to, it's very enjoyable to be able to answer

    It's also very annoying when you answer somone's questions, and then they use everything you posted as a description on eBay to sell the item, such as this one that was on ebay a week or two ago with MY description and no cut of the profit to me: Outstanding Service Citation signed by Field Marshall Montgomery. Yes that pissed me off...

    Anyway, I digress Here's to continued discussion, debate (even argument occasionally) and the free flow of information to all. It's a great hobby


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