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Quite a toy part #2

Article about: Who wouldn't want these two beauty's? I believe they are RC also.

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    Some exclusive UK health and safety thing for sure Fantastic models though, must have been a massive amount of time, money and effort to construct such a piece



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    A Smart Tiger!


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    I think Danny is probably right, there are also certain laws here that would class it as an offensive weapon, if memory serves correct its something to do with " Discharging a noxious substance "

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    Great tanks and yes he built them himself, you can google it and some others fantastic pieces.

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    A 1:4 tiger, could carry an adult.

    Look at this.
    ‪Tiger TANK: 1:4 scale RC tank

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    A lot of good videos there Nuno! Thanks. Ron

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    What a small world it is , I live in Hampshire England and after seeing the picture at the beginning of this thread I was pretty certain the tank in question is just up the road from where I live.
    So armed with my camera I walked over today to confirm. As you can see it is the same tank but has been repainted. I remember reading in a magazine a few years ago that it is used as a static gate gardian and is not radio conrolled, in fact to me it looks like the wheels have skewed sideways slightly since the first picture was taken. It belongs to a guy that manufactures and sells the metal RC tanks like the smaller one shown at the beginning of the thread.
    He used to drive them around his garden and had various obstacles and scale buildings but these seem to have gone now.


    I like this sign look at the Panzer profile


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    Glad you got to get some more pics lucky! That cat looks to be pretty comfy!

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    WOW a panzer pussy, it must be his big brother, a Tiger

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