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Random question to everybody in the forum

Article about: I dont really either mind being called one it only was 3 times. The Nazi story is true people were taught how the nazi's were soooo bad they actully wernt the only bad thing was the perfect

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    You can't let people like that bother you, they all know absolutely nothing about history and have no interest in learning, so you'll never get through to them. History was my favorite subject in high school too, but once I got to college I had to UN-learn all the simplified, biased nonsense that they taught us in high school, haha. Just remember that you are already probably better educated than 90% of the adults walking around today. Just don't become a German major in college like me or you'll never hear the end of it! What other people think about you is none of your business anyways, and if you try and conform to what they want you'll be miserable.

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    Its really just the ignoring factor that actully helped me. And trust me when i get into really huge conversations with my dad about ww2 when we are with company they are all like "What are they talking about" lol.

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