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The real reason for Rudolf Hess's flight to Britain in 1941?

Article about: by canti44 Apparently he was wearing a leather flying suit bearing the rank of Captain and 'he brought along a supply of money and toiletries, a torch, a camera, maps and charts, and a colle

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    Still, no idea where the suicide thing came into it...wierd.

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    My post was off-topic, too, as many, many others are on this site; that's what I was attempting to portray, and completely understand if you delete my post, which is quite understandable. My apologizes.

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    I hope no ghosts of Hess, Patton or stickytaped iphones were harmed in the derailing of this thread, my apologies also...

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    The last sentence on page one states that the Duke "Hamilton is of the Suspect List", one wonders who else was on the suspect list?


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    Thanks scorp.
    I seem to remember he had a pre arrangement to meet him because he was a so-called "nazi sympathizer ". I also remember the IRA were sympathizers, as well.
    Thanks again for the documents
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