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I can !!
Must have been the time I sended Harry a friendship request!
Hi Kris,

Please accept my humble apologies for not picking up on your friendship request. Had I noticed it I would have gladly accepted so that I could raise my circle of friends to the astounding figure of one!

I can accept that my views may not resonate with everyone. I am only speaking from my own experience when I have used the website in the past.

I would NEVER be abusive to anyone. I have only ever offered opinions and help to other's. I wouldn't try and force my views on anyone either. I only offer advice when it is asked for. But I do stand by what I said in my last posting.

I don't always pick up on any requests sent to me, as I don't spend a lot of time on here. But any requests that I am made aware of I ALWAYS reply. It is only good manners to do so.

You only have to look at facebook and twitter to see what damage can be done by mindless moron's. I would think every forum has the odd one or two of them at least!

Please respect my personal views. After all, I only answered a question which was asked!

Harry (Steve)