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Red Tails

Article about: This one looks good. . .

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    Well if Lucas ordpeilberg were involved it fits their usual formula

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    I haven't seen the film, but by what others have said and the pic of the "nazi" pilot, seems to be similar tone to those good old " gott in himmel" commando comics,,,,

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    It was an ok movie. I felt like I got my money's worth. Were parts of the movie exciting? Yes. Was the plot predictable? Yes. Was I happy that I saw it? Yes. Did it do it's job in telling part of the Tuskegee Airmen's story? Yes (Although the movie skips their formation and state-side training and automatically jumps to them conducting air support missions in Italy during 1944). Would I see it again? On dvd, sure. Again in the theaters? No. Does it compare to any of the quality WW2 movies or mini series out there? No.

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    Not seen the movie.And i will not.Trailers on youtube dissuaded me to waiste 10 euros in a ticket.
    A wedding beetween a P 40 and a Tie-fighter is not my cup of tea.Too many people in a too small sky,flying too fast and too close.....Too much of too....
    G.Lucas was not the right guy to film that story,imo.Geoges Lucas isn't,a good film maker.This man is more a business man than an artist."THX 1138" and "american grafitti" were real films with a real art direction."Star wars" was according to me,just on the border beetween money machinery and artistic work.And after.....
    For me ,a man like Spielberg would have done better.
    But like one of you wrote,i'm not a Tuskegee Veteran,just a french!

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    Sorry,nobody wrote that i was a french,just me!

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    I saw it today and I thought that it was pretty entertaining. There are some odd parts, like the way that one guy managed to attack a destroyer by himself. Like every other collector I also had my little nitpicky moments, like the troops landing at Anzio wearing Vietnam War-era M1 helmets, but I can't really help those.

    My only complaint was the acting. Some of those actors, particularly the bomber pilots, were just awful.

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    Sounds like I am going to be thoroughly entertained for only 10 Euros !! Cant wait

    "In all my years as a soldier, I have never seen men fight so hard." - SS Obergruppenfuhrer Wilhelm Bittrich - Arnhem

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    Saw this during a rainy break on night shift and was quite disappointed.
    I wasn't expecting a documentary and have no idea how close to the real story this was supposed to be but there was a very generous dose of artistic licence and Hollywood involved.
    The script was awful, the acting as already mentioned, was bloody awful in places, a few things added that didn't really need to be there - the love interest for example - I just didn't see the point.
    A story like this needs a Spielberg touch, some decent script writing from someone who actually wants to tell the tale as opposed to alot of CG aerial combat loosely held together with a vague story. It left me asking 'what was the point of the film?'.
    It gave me the sense of the movie Independence Day set in WW2 with fewer spaceships and more Messerschmitts.

    Did I learn about the Tuskegee airmen from the film? No.
    Was I entertained by the film? No.
    Would I watch it again? No.

    Overall verdict - 2/10

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    It wasn't released in theatres here in Australia to my knowledge, though "iron sky" was....if I see it on DVD I'll probaly buy it to watch for entertainment, rather than a true factual account....just a bit of fun!

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    I have not seen this movie yet, but was surprised that it was made so soon after
    'The Tuskeegee Airmen', which I thought was pretty good. There are so many,
    many wonderful and gripping events of WWII that I would love to see made
    into mini-series or docu-dramas, that there should be no need to remake
    any of them, such as 'The Yoxford Boys' of the 357th Fighter Group
    ( Chuck Yeager, Clarence 'Bud' Anderson, et al ) or Quentin
    Aanenson of the 366th FG, etc, etc, etc.........

    Title: A Fighter Pilot's Story

    I'll have to see 'Red Tails' anyway - just because.


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