Between 2003 and 2008 cremated bodyparts and ashes of American soldiers slain in Iraq and Afghanistan ended up in a landfill in King George County, Virginia. The U.S. Air Force admitted to the Washington Post. Word got out that the morgue where the body bags from Iraq and Afghanistan were prepared for burial was dealing disrespectfuly with the bodies of the fallen.
Between 2003 and 2008 all "unidentified body" were systematically cremated and dumped at the landfill. And there were quite a few, since many soldiers died in bombings. "Not identifiable" should be interpreted quite broadly: apparently almost all the body parts that are no longer attached to the body.
The Air Force says that in 2008 the policy has changed. Until, it was apparently the same procedure for body parts as medical waste.
Arm cut-off
The three persons who previously were in charge of the morgue at Dover Air Force base in the eastern state of Delaware were tapped on the fingers because they mistreated the remains of fallen US Soldiers. Thus the arm of a dead soldier was cut because the family had asked that he be buried in uniform. The explosion which killed the soldier, had his arm in a straight angle with the body. Employees of the morgue saw no other solution than to cut off the arm of the body in uniform and get it into the coffin. The arm was at the bottom of the coffin, without consulting the family.
The three managers were not fired because they did not act deliberately, said Air Force Chief of Staff, General Norton Schwartz. The morgue at Dover Air Force Base since 2003, saw the bodies of more than 6,300 soldiers passing, who were slain in Iraq or Afghanistan, before they were released to the families.

I was schocked when I read this. It's an obvious lack of respect to those who fell on the battlefields.