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Reproduction Helmets

Article about: Hello ladies and gents, I was wondering if any of you fine experts knew where to find a Reproduction German helmet quality made and at a fairly low price. I want it to be made out of conside

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    Lol - Much better comparison................!


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    To the wife ...that is! ;-)
    Always looking for Belgian Congo stuff!

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    Wow that is fairly thin. How thick was an original german helmet? And where could I find a better reproduction helmet? Preferably thicker Haha.

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    If you don't mind my asking... What are you planning to do with the helmet?

    I only ask because we may be able to help steer you in the right direction if we know what you need it for.

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    Well, I guess what you would call it is a "fantasy" helmet. I've always wanted a snow camo medic helmet, and those are almost non existent. But I want a quality replica not a chinese piece of junk. So it would be a conversation piece I guess, personal use as well, I would never sell it as an original if your worried.

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    try soldier of fortune they got loads of helmets
    Soldier of Fortune


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    The best quality "repro" that you could get would be a refurbished original shell. Try Ken N. at

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    I didn't think of that, I think a refurbished shell would be the way to go. I take it they are all authentic considering his reputation. Would I have to strip away the black paint from the helmet?

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    No, I think that they come repainted and assembled with all of the right repro parts.

    You can also try At the Front - Home

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    I need a size 68 and Kens site sells them for over $250 so ill check ebay for one. This seller has a few of these types of helmets up for auction. Are the shells authentic? I know the paint isn't but it doesn't matter. If I can get it cheap it would be worth it. Is any of it real?

    Is anything on these authentic?

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