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Reproduction Helmets

Article about: Hello ladies and gents, I was wondering if any of you fine experts knew where to find a Reproduction German helmet quality made and at a fairly low price. I want it to be made out of conside

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    Im sorry to ask the question again, but your post is a bit disturbing, why the continual query regarding the ballistic properties, are you considering using the helmet ,as you state " for personal use", as its been mentioned, no helmet is bullet proof, therefore i cant understand what difference the guage of metal would make, your asking for a repro and a cheap one at that, theres allsorts out there, even googling will give you numerous suppliers and the cheapest, if you intend to dress the helmet as a medics thats fine, but please forget about if its bullet proof, that road can lead to disaster

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    As davejb says no helmet of that period was bullet proof, im sure the german helmat was made of mangenese steel harder than normal but still took a bullet; Even the modern helmet will take a 5.56 round but not a 7.62, they go through it like cutting cheese.

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