I believe this post is very relevant to the "tools" aspect of this discussion forum so I hope it is not considered spam.

I have been selling specialized software (called NM Gun Collector Software) to the gun collecting community for 10 years. I have been asked many times if it could support other collection types as well. Of course, since I wrote it specifically for gun collections it was hard to make it work for other things. Also, it was written for Windows systems only and many people asked if it would run on Mac or Linux systems which it could not without a Windows emulator.

In response I wrote a whole new application that I call NM Collector Software which is highly customizable so it can be used for any type of collection and can be run on any operating system. Although anybody can define their own collection types, I included pre-built definitions for many types of collecting that I am familiar with. I would like to expand on the pre-built definitions and am looking to the collecting community to help me define them.

What are your collector interests? For those collector interests, what fields would you use in a software package to help you manage your collections?


Clay Pryor
nmCollector.net Home

p.s. I added links to this forum from both of my domains (www.nmcollectorsoftware.com/links.htm, www.nmcollector.net/nmguncollector/links.htm ). I get a lot of visitors on those sites so hopefully they will bring new members to the forum. I get lots of requests from other web sites to link to their sites but I am very selective as to who I link to.