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Resistance Movie, has anybody seen it?

Article about: Hey guys, i saw the Resistance movie the other day. The film is about an alternate way WW2 could have went, the movie is set after the fall of Russian and the failure of the D-Day landings.

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    Quote by Glennyboy619 View Post
    i have been reading a lot of TR related books etc. recently as i received a group of reference books for my birthday last week, which includes detecting the fakes (although the fakes are more deceiving now it is still a great read) and Third Reich Militaria also by Robin Lumsden (this one has a really outdated price guide in it e.g. and EK1 25 (wow!))
    Thanks, Glen.
    Yes, the books are outdated but I read mine from time to time and dream of a bygone era.......... I digress.

    Keep it up Glen and read the forum too for more up to date information on detecting the fakes.

    Never heard of the film though.

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    Default Re: Resistance Movie, has anybody seen it?

    Agreed on "It Happened Here"; a great film and recommended to all who haven't seen it yet.

    They did a brilliant job with the uniforms and insignia depicted in the film, both the historical and the conjectural ones. (Such as the briefly glimpsed insignia of English Waffen-SS volunteers wearing St. George's Cross sleeve shields and "Black Prince" cuff titles.)

    The film also has a very intelligent script, one of whose main themes is collaboration. Told from the perspective of a nurse who finds herself required to join the collaborationist/Fascist "IA" organization in order to work in her profession, the film confronts us with many uncomfortable moral and ethical questions.

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