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On the road again...

Article about: Hi guys, My forum participation might be somewhat stifled in the next couple of weeks as I make the drive across I-80 from Pennsylvania to Utah. I am in Chicago tonight. I took the time earl

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    im always going to what i like to call them junk stores. but around where i live here in down under its slim pickings but its fun to get out and about. i do a lot of talking to people to so if they come across stuff they will rember me. but heres a image of some of the stuff i have found but got it all at very good prices thats the main thing in the price. a lot of the collectables stores here are over priced with there ww2 ww1 stuff but i always ask for a better price. have fun you just dont no whats out there.
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    Well guys, so far I have stopped at a total of 8 antique malls, spanning from Chicago to Laramie, Wyoming. I have found a lot of militaria, but I only bought 2 items. (I found a nice unmarked aluminum Overhoff SS buckle and belt set for $200, but I just don't have that much money... )

    The first purchase was in Des Moines, Iowa- a named WWII Navy blue jumper and pants set, with insignia to an aviation machinist 1st class. It also has an air gunner patch on the right sleeve. (An odd combo?) It was $15.

    In Ogallala, Nebraska, I found two complete Army cots. They were $12 apiece. They were identical aside from the fact that one was dated 1944, so I bought that one and went on my way.

    I'll get some photos when I get time. I will be very busy over the next few days!

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    If you ever make it to Allentown for the Ag Hall show let me know. Safe trip. NH

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