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Road Trip ..Sydney to Adelaide

Article about: by Allegra Bugger-all in Adelaide, though you may want to try in Woodside - some of the shops there have a range of military items - usually WW2. There is at least one shop that has some mil

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    Here's another dealer I've dealt with in the very long past -- never been to his shop
    25 Russell Street
    Essendon, Victoria, Australia, 3040

    Monday to Friday - 10am to 6pm

    Saturday - By Appointment Only

    Sunday & Public Holidays - Closed

    Decent fella,

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    I bought a nice RZM Puma SA dagger from E.K. about 5 years ago. Couldn't
    complain about the service, however like all Australian dealers he certainly
    knows how to charge. Like Rene I haven't actually been in the shop, but it
    might be well worth a look.


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    Real commercial. has that property up for lease as at this month.
    Another dealer gone maybe?

    " When you're chewing on life's gristle, don't grumble, give a whistle "

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    Yep - I remember the Disposal Shops - buy a heck of a lot of great gear for not a lot of money back in the early '70's.

    Thanks TestMatch - yes, the shop on Goodwood Road is Philicia Antiques.

    I tend to spend a lot more time next door at Timewise - the Antique clock shop....

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    Bring back the good old day's when esp. Aussie gear was dirt cheap. The old disposal store was a treasure trove of cool inexpensive items. Ahhh I think I was dreaming
    Mostly Antique stores and General auction houses down here in Tassie. Antique stores are dotted all over the place, most small towns have one or two and sometimes a good find is to be had.

    Later fella's

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    Quote by Thanatos View Post
    Ahhh I think I was dreaming

    Later fella's
    Ah yes, the ol' quint essential 'Tell 'im he's Dreaming' line (courtesy of The Castle):

    Tell 'im 'e's dreamin' - YouTube


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    Thanks guys,ill see how i go..i deal with EK militaria a fair bit,nice guy always has quality stuff...ive been searching for other aussie dealers that dont charge a fortune,and its ridiculous the prices they charge..i started collecting in the 70s,could never get good german stuff always had fakes everywhere but aussie stuff was so cheap you could get days you can sit and argue with these so called antique sellers who dismiss any knowledge you have on an item and are happy not to sell it..hence so much of my shopping is O/S either net or in person..the quality and price of items are far better

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    Hello wizard
    I've just remembered another place in Mittagong that you could try if you decide to go
    through that area....Hunters & Collectors Antiques. This mob used to be based in
    Mosman on the North Shore, & still think they are there judging by the prices! I have
    only been in there once & that was an eye-opener. Two SA daggers at around the
    $2500 mark each & a nice Puma no ricasso HJ knife for $1800 if memory serves me correctly.
    Very opportunistic pricing & despite the fact that the Puma logo was clearly visible
    on the HJ knife the price label said it was made by Ges Gesch. The look of disdain on
    the shopkeeps face was priceless when I pointed out that Ges Gesch was not a maker.
    If you have a hankering to be looked down upon by condescending Know it Alls this
    just might be the one stop shop, if only to rev it up them a bit.

    Last edited by Brett; 12-12-2013 at 07:42 AM.

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    There's also several shops in Strathalbyn that always seem to have WW2 bits and pieces. All you need to do is park your car at one end of the town and walk down the main street. If nothing else, it's a nice little town and a nice diversion from the freeway.

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    Iv never been to strathalbyn i must go there one day

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