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A Sad story

Article about: So why don't we put our money where our mouths are, there is a public donation site that is crowd sourced. Start a crowd sourcing donation for the guy, and I will donate. Lets do something a

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    RT News is a Russian New organization , any body in country know of them ? This could be an older news item , but it would be great if we could help out . And save his items from being sold .
    Cheers Chris

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    Many of these men are quickly forgotten after their service and sacrifice. Damn shame but typical.

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    Loving the idea guys but i don't think starting a donation site would be feasible unless you know more personal information it is not doable. I have worked with people in similar situations and there are so many things to consider. Just to list a few:

    1) Who has control of his account? Because if the money was raised to pay his nursing home fees then how can you control this and ensure that it is being used for his benefit? If his children control his account which i assumes they do due to his illness, then how do you know they wont use the money for other means?

    2) If the money was donated and then heavens forbid the chap passed away, then what with the money? Legally it would be his.

    3) and the main one for me; Equality. Where would you draw the line? If money was donated to him it would make the news. And there are thousands of veterans out there who also need help. Regardless of them being less decorated they all deserve the same support.

    The last point suggests that rather a person specific account to donate money to, and so more than one person can benefit, if everyone is up for donating then why not start a fund? Families could apply and money could be given if available. But again, with that there is also a list of problems.

    I hate to be a cynic, but when it comes to stuff like this i come across it and work with it every day and the legal standing of such activity is a real grey area. Kindness is becoming a hard thing to achieve at times, especially when it is most needed.

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