I've been witness to the "jeep in a box"....... A mate found one on a abandoned airfield, half buried in a dirt bank near Darwin.....it seems it was left, and over the years hidden by scrub and solid dumped....yes I did see the thing, as I live and breath a rusty jeep in some sort of rotting packing box.....I doubted the box was built to specifically fit the jeep, more likely a larger box it was rolled into for some reason and left......he did recover the jeep and it sat on a trailer at the back of our live lines and he cleaned it up over a few weekends, before having his dad drive up from Adelaide and taken back home.... There is some precedence for these "left in situ" things in Australia.....in the Kimberly, there is a US WW2 airstrip, that was basically abandoned after the war, as if someone said...."tools down, were going home" the workshop area still has tools on the benches, a vehicle park with vehicles still in place......just stuff left.....it's on private property, and the owner is very strict on who he lets in, as he sees himself as the custodian and wants it's left as it