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Sell everything!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Article about: Ok... While talking to a friend this subject came up... So I will post this question to all of you.... What would it take for you to sell all or part of your collection??? The reason I bring

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    Default Re: Sell everything!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    That would be a fools move.
    NEVER invest everything in one deal. Especially a get rich quick scheme. They RARELY ever work out.
    Greed can bankrupt you. No one can gaurantee you can triple your money on anything. I bet your friend won't cover your losses if the deal doesn't work out.
    I remember when everyone was putting everything they had in Enron as a sure thing. That went belly up and they lost their asses. Now a lot of them have jobs asking people if they want fries with that.
    Just some advice.
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    Default Re: Sell everything!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Let me get this straight, you are considering selling your entire collection to get money to invest in something that you could triple your money with?

    If that's the case then I would advise against that. Money is just money and even if it did work out, the items you have now will be hard to replace.

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    Default Re: Sell everything!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Family comes first for me a well. If my wife and daughter needed the fund and there was no other way then I would start to sell. There would be order though of first to I couldn't possibly


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    Default Re: Sell everything!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Quote by VolksJager View Post
    Family comes first for me a well. If my wife and daughter needed the fund and there was no other way then I would start to sell. There would be order though of first to I couldn't possibly

    I think if my family needed money I would do more than beg, borrow, or steal. Unimaginable acts would occur. I think you would agree. My militaria would be the last thing on my mind. Your militaria would be the first thing. LOL

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    Default Re: Sell everything!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    200% return on an investment. The manager of this fund wouldn't be named Bernie Madoff would he ?
    Ponzi schemes abound. Actually Madoff only guarnteed 10%.

    Screwed up on my math. Not 300, 200%
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    Default Re: Sell everything!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Heard that somewhere before...

    Wasn't it followed by "oh dear..."
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    Default Re: Sell everything!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Quote by SteveR View Post
    300% return on an investment. The manager of this fund wouldn't be named Bernie Madoff would he ?
    Ponzi schemes abound. Actually Madoff only guarnteed 10%.
    Is that right? 10%? And he made billions! So easily led.

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    Default Re: Sell everything!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    A lot of factors to take into consideration here. First, I would say, is the investment-if it is That sure of a financial return, it hardly sounds reliable. If it was, then everyone would be selling their clothes on their backs for an almost instant tripling. Then, there's your collection-just how extensive is it? How many years and work have you put into it so far? For example, we know that you have a decent Ritter in it-could you find another for a reasonable price after you've liquidated this one? And, if you sell your collection, will you also be cleansing yourself of the collecting interest? Many people do-once their items are gone and out of sight, their interest in attaining more of them vanishes or wanes as well. Their attentions turn off into other avenues and they move on, regarding it as nothing more than an interesting phase of their lives that is now behind them. Has collecting WWII memorabilia been an all consuming drive for you or has it been simply a fun and interesting hobby? In some cases, if one gets obsessed and preoccupied with a subject, it's better to walk away from it. There are long time collectors here on this site that have devoted what amounts to their entire lives along with frightening amounts of money to their once upon a time hobby. Then again, for some, it's just a "Let's see how great a collection I can assemble of this cool stuff" type of business. For everyone, it's different, so it's extremely difficult to give a blanket statement one way or another.
    And, yes, I'm one of those collectors from the ancient days who filled their houses and their lives with both the academics and the financial bits of collecting WWII memorabilia. It would be impossible today to re-assemble the pieces I've had at one time or another and, again-yes, I'm one who Did liquidate their collection eventually. It actually does begin to intrude and in some cases overwhelm your life. Do I regret it today? Truthfully, not really. I did alot and experienced alot that I never would have had a chance to do so, had I not done so. I keep in touch with the hobby, obviously, but haven't actively collected now for nearly 20 years. I help the occasional collector here and their with what little knowledge I picked up over the time, but my "take a loan on my house days" to buy one of a kind pieces are long behind me now. So, I guess, what I'm rambling here and trying to say is, basically, How much are you into this hobby and if your investment pans out(and, yes, they sometimes Do, you know..) will the loss of your collection be devastating? Or would it be simply a "Wow! I won't do that again!" type of moment? We can all offer very well meaning advice, but when it Really comes down to it, it's always an individual thing for everyone to decide.

    "Much that once was, is lost. For none now live who remember it."

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    Default Re: Sell everything!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Truer words were never spoken...Eloquently put Will.
    'I do not think we can hope for any better thing now.
    We shall stick it out to the end, but we are getting weaker of course, and the end cannot be far.
    It seems a pity, but I do not think I can write more. R. SCOTT.
    Last Entry - For God's sake look after our people.'

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    Default Re: Sell everything!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Im with Dave and Jason.In the end family comes first.
    Children can't eat EK's for breaky.
    Now having said that family would almost be the only reason I would sell.
    My collection is all about a windfall for my two little ones.I will start to sell off my collection in my twilight years to their next custodian and hopefully the children end up with something substancial from my toil and commitment.
    A double edged sword,I collect and am happy doing so whilst the kid's end up with the windfall.Simple equation.
    All the best

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