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Sell everything!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Article about: Ok... While talking to a friend this subject came up... So I will post this question to all of you.... What would it take for you to sell all or part of your collection??? The reason I bring

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    Here's mt 2 bits. I sold some of my most prized peices of my collection back in 1985. I still get stomach pains when I think of why I did it. It paid for a months rent to live with my now X wife. I really regret selling those peices and i sold them for practically nothing. Never again. Anything I have will stay in my family. All of my children have sworn to keep what I have going and pass it on. These items are too vauable historically to part with. Not all of them, some are not worth much or have no historical value.It's hard to put into words but I think most of you understand where I am coming from.

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    Having sold things in the past , you will regret it . If you need short term money try a pawn shop . Once you sell a item the money just goes , it never lasts and rarely get replaced with another item . The only good thing about this hobby is everything you ever sold is still out there somewhere . That is the only consolation .
    Cheers Chris

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    I have a small cull once or twice a year which I fold into fewer, better items. But to sell everything in one go, that would need to be a real emergency.

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    First off, I would like to thank everyone who responded to this... I probably should have made my original post more clear.
    This entire situation started when I was speaking to a friend casually about a situation that I'm in, he is a non-collector and does not understand the fascination etc. etc. so when I was telling him about my recent investments he told me that I should try and put more funds into it. I told him that I have put all of the funds that I can into it at the moment. His response was I should sell some of my items from my collection, when I told him that I wouldn't do that.. he was shocked... And him being a non-collector I understand his point of view.. I continued to tell him that most of the collecting community would not sell items from their collection without very good cause... And that's where my original post stemmed from.. So as a matter of discussion I thought I would ask all of you what would it take for you to sell items from your collection?

    I have to be completely honest, it would take something very very serious for me to sell all of my collection.. As many of you know I have not been collecting seriously for a long time.. but I have worked hard to put together a nice little collection for myself and I enjoy it, and this forum immensely.

    As for the investment advice etc. I appreciate everyone's input.. I am not worried about losing my money due to the fact this is one of the least riskiest ventures/investments that I have put money into... I have owned a few businesses over the years and anyone that has been in business for themselves knows that it's one of the most riskiest things you can do in life money wise.... no risk no reward.

    Thanks again for all the insight...

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    Quote by helmetone View Post
    I wasn't insinuating that your investment opportunity is an illegal act or the like. My apologies if that was your understanding.
    No need to apologize .. your post was correct in most cases, thank you for your opinion.

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    .....hmmmmmm.....OK, there is one item which I parted with, in 1995, which I regret. As soon as it the transaction comes to mind there is a little ache. A foreign volunteers tunic, M40 with green collar, rhomboid collar tabs of NCO tresse, tressed collar, and white piped boards with 2 or 3 perpendicular tresse stripes sewn on. I traded it to a freind who had a militaria shop in town ( his dad was a 42 gunner on the east and western fronts...crusty and un-apologetic!) and i got a zelt, ruck with canvas fittings and other impediment to be used for reenacting. I had several tunics/uniform sets so, what the heck. Some months later he tells me that after checking out, it appears that it came from SS depot stocks. Had it been SS badged, or fed into the stocks of a newly formed Volunteer unit? I will never know, and I got what I needed at the time, but.......sigh. Oh well.

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    no risk no reward....such is life.

    sometimes you need to do what is wise and not let emotions stop you.

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