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Selling to dealers

Article about: What percent of retail should you expect from a dealer when offering nice,yet ordinary,items,e.g.,TR heer combat badges? Appreciate your thoughts Steve

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    Default Selling to dealers

    What percent of retail should you expect from a dealer when offering nice,yet ordinary,items,e.g.,TR heer combat badges?
    Appreciate your thoughts

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    Why not try selling them here, or on other forums? You'll get a better deal, and so will your buyer vs. the dealer markup.

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    Hey Steve,

    I would try to sell your items here in the classifieds or to fellow collectors. Just my opinion. I would think depending on the items condition, rarity and the dealers stock levels most dealers will sell on consignment for you at a 15%_25% markup. If they buy from you they will need to buy it low in order to mark up 40%_+ to profit for their business. Depends on Dealer and how sales are tracking for them. James Fry - Jim's Militaria and Karl Kithier - SV Militaria in the Midwest seem to have some reasonable pricing. The WRF guys here are good and you might want to list your badges for sale and see how it goes.

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    Most dealers want to buy at 50% of what they will ask for an item. As a business, they have the expense of travel, lodging, show expenses and food. With a dealer, you are also dealing with their expertise and guarantee of an item. If they do not want to take a bogus piece back, they are likely aware of it's problems. As previously said, you will likely be able to get 75% by selling to another collector. Just do not try to pass a mistake to another collector.


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    I would also recommend our own Classified-Section first and foremost, as your clientele is right here...As another alternative, there are several Militaria Sales Groups on Facebook...and I've made some very good sales there as well...
    Dealers should be your last option if you're looking to sell....
    cheers, Glenn

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    Expensive items are better to sell yourself. It takes as much work to sell a $20 item as it idoes a $1000 item. The small stuff is a pain. Sometimes you might want to use one of the auctions and pay the 15-20%.

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    I tried selling to a local Army / Navy type surplus store that says they will buy your militaria, and it was a WASTE of my TIME

    they want you to give it to them for nothing, very similar to going to a PAWN SHOP

    I had several items and they didnt even want to pay $10 for them, they even said they dont have any money to buy right now and to bring them back another time , etc.

    it seems like they expect to buy for a few bucks and try to resell at way more than what they buy it for , the same as pawn shops

    I would rather destroy it or throw it away than sell it to a retail store.

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