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Selling websites

Article about: I only know ebay to buy ww2 real items . Where can i find other places where i could buy ww2 stuff?

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    Default Selling websites

    I only know ebay to buy ww2 real items . Where can i find other places where i could buy ww2 stuff?

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    You need to try harder before I can be bothered to make an effort to help.
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    Use your Goolgle, use key words original, ww2, German etc. Then come back here and ask about the reputation of the individual dealers before doing real business. There are scammers and ignorant, so, know your dealers.

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    Original WW2 German militaria, WW2 Red Army militaria, WW2 Soviet militaria and more...

    This is a little help on your way! In i while, you have found your own favorite sellers with good items and prices!
    Use this forum's search engine and study a lot!

    Edit: Haha, as they say; If you want a Heer buckle for example, just google "heer belt buckle" and many sites will come up.
    Stay inside with your computer and read,study and search. You will be a great collector soon.

    Edit 2: Buy some books, I havent done that yet but I'm looking for Mr Angolias books. I've heard that they are good!
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    I thought about it the same way, it was an effort, Ned, [maybe not to help], to respond at all.

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    Quote by oOIYvYIOo View Post
    I only know ebay to buy ww2 real items . Where can i find other places where i could buy ww2 stuff?
    Don't trust all you see on eBay, it is a dumping ground for all sorts of Militaria. Fakes galore.

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    Do you have some ww2 items already? In that case, please show them
    If you have bought it from ebay, you may get some bad news!

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    Good resource is our own forum as members in our own classifieds. Many members have great items for sale. As stated before you pay retail to the trusted dealers look here in threads first or run them by members. eBay has some nuggets but they are few and far between. Most I have seen are junk or repro. As Ned Stated Google WWII Militaria for sale. You will find many dealers

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    Thank you for the ones that responded me in a way to help . Yeah i do have ww2 stuffs ,ww1,roman artefacts,lusitani artefacts,fossels of dinosaur eras,visigothic-roman pieces and so on ...
    Here is a bit of my ww1 collection

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    How is your user name pronounced and does it have meaning. Im not being sarcastic.but curious Regards Larry

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