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Selling WW1 Memorials

Article about: Grave robbing IMO and i dont beleive the story either about the stones getting replaced.....we have all seen headstones in cemetarys that go back very far into the 1600s..and quite worn but

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    Default Re: Selling WW1 Memorials

    Quote by Adrian View Post

    I have reported all of his items as being on their restricted list under 'grave goods'.

    47th MP Co/47th Inf Div 1983-1988
    583rd Ord Co 59th Ord Bde Muenster, W Germany
    Looking for P37 ammo pouch with No4 bayo frog

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    His latest response:

    We both know you are NOT interested in buying,
    can I ask are all your deer skulls obtained by legitimate means,

    I know how my item was obtained, as you have no intention of buying, I do not need to supply you with evidence,

    the genuine buyer will get a satisfactory explanation.

    And my reply:

    So you can't answer my questions and you somehow wish to turn it around and ask about my items for sale. I don't think that's going to work now is it?

    I would suggest that you have no proof these grave markers were obtained legitimately and therefore you cannot provide evidence to me or anyone else. If these were legally obtained and with proof you would've put it in your description to support your sale.

    Not being able or willing to answer direct questions about your items for sale speaks volumes. You have no idea if I was interested or not in bidding on your lots, you have made an assumption based upon the fact I am asking you straightforward questions about the acquisition of such pieces, cannot answer me and have become very defensive in your response, somehow deciding in the process that you have the right to question me on the legitimacy of my items.

    Do you treat every potential customer who asks you questions in the same way?

    Anyone else fancy asking some questions?

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    How do these bloody people sleep at night? I'm afraid I wouldn't want something like this in my home, be it legally obtained or not. It just doesn't sit well with me. Lest we forget.

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    Default Re: Selling WW1 Memorials

    Just slightly off topic, but as far as eBay's concerned... as I've run afoul of their "regs" more this last spring than in the last 12 years, for "keyword spamming", selling "hate items", and other bs offenses (all pure bunk, one case was just mentioning that an item is "black" in the ad title, another was trying to peddle a piece of WWII German filed gear I'd upgraded), and talking to phone reps trying to straighten these things out (good luck...), I got the feeling that they encourage an atmosphere of "snitchery"... as I'd been told over and over "if you see others doing what I did (even though I didn't consider it wrong), the onus is on us all as users of the site to snitch out as many people as possible, as if we all had the time or inclination...

    But in two cases where a seller was selling (repeatedly, and probably still is) fakes of WWII German combat knives with fake dates (this was a thread I started here maybe two months ago), I noticed later on this person still selling the same items, and reported their items several times. Total waste of time, it seems in fact that eBay has no intention of shutting any ads down from sellers who do repeat swindling, as the fees netted from these fraudulent sales are handsome indeed.

    And again just lately I got fedup with a seller who can't seem to list an item without having the words "MAUSER 98K LUGER P08 WALTHER PP PPK, ETC, ETC" in every single ad which basically means that all of my eBay searches (of late) get this guy's junk into my daily inbox search results, and not a single one of the items have a thing to do with PPK's, Lugers, etc... I finally got fed up, reported all their items for "keyword spamming", and reported them again, and again, and finally gave up.

    The seller still sells every single items this way to this day.

    So, to make a long story short... don't count on eBay taking any action whatsoever if an actual wrong is going on the site. If you however list a vintage Nikon F body as being "Black" instead of Silver, expect to have your ad pulled, your selling privileges pulled for a week, and being told that you are in "very low compliance" with their policies.

    As far as the gravestones are concerned, IF they were being removed and thrown away for some reason, much better they end up admired in the hands of collectors, but... if they are being stolen, this is a disgrace of the highest degree and immediate steps should be taken to both stops the sales and the desecration? But as far as eBay's concerned, don't be surprised if you see them do anything but turn a blind eye and collect the fees.
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    This is the sort of thing that certain scum-sucking pigs will do to earn a fast buck! Not at all interested in respecting the memory of the fallen.

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    If anyone else has a notion to ask the seller how he obtained these grave markers please do. He has now resorted to personal attacks and trying to deflect attention to items I am selling on ebay. He has made no impression on me that these were obtained by legitimate means so please report them to ebay even if you don't believe they will do anything.

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    Already done...

    "Much that once was, is lost. For none now live who remember it."

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    Do you treat every potential customer who asks you questions in the same way?[/I]

    The answer is Adrian: Yes he does. After Vicky brought these items to my attention I had a suspicion that I had dealt with this guy before. I checked through ebay and sure enough I had indeed inquired about an item of his in the past (not a grave marker) that I was interested in. Long story short, when I asked pretty basic questions about the item, I recall that his answers were short and snappy and after a while he assumed that I "wasnt interested" in the item and then again, made personal attacks calling me things like ignorant and a "dreamer". I too will stick in a report, although I have no desire to personally converse with this guy again. Cheers.

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    Default Re: Selling WW1 Memorials

    The marker shown in post # 17 appears to have had the photos removed from the listing.
    They were there when I put in a report this morning & they are not there now. The description
    has been altered to say that the marker was legitimately replaced due to damage & the seller
    will supply photos of the replacement. Anyway I've just put in another report for good measure.
    In my opinion this seller is on a par with the scum selling Holocaust memorabilia...a Bloody vulture!


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    Default Re: Selling WW1 Memorials

    For clarification I have also contacted the Commonwealth War Graves Commission to seek their stance on the sale of such items and if they are in the habit of giving away or selling grave markers legitimately.

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