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Someone wants to get rich fast

Article about: Look at these prices!! Deep Digger Dan Shop — WW2

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    Obviously the guys $hit for brains transplant was successful.

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    Even better tie him to a tree (there's plenty to choose from)shove the grenade in his almighty gob and pull the pin,now that would be funny s...!!!!!

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    The guy detects is forbidden places, and protected former battlefields. Giving other detectorists a bad name.
    Hope to see his last you-tube film soon where playing around with a dugg up grenade goes very, very wrong. The guy is a complete twat.

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    Sounds like a good candidate for Darwin Awards 2014. Lets hope he qualify, he is putting a good effort into winning this year.

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    20.00 for an old zinc 5 pfennig coin? lol

    "Much that once was, is lost. For none now live who remember it."

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    I just got this lot, i must be rich according to him, lol.

    173 x 10 Pfennig

    151 x 5 Pfennig

    33 x 1 Pfennig

    66 x 50 Pfennig

    23 x 5 Pfennig Gold/Messingfarbend
    20 x 10 Pfennig Gold/Messingfarbend

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