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Something i found in a old WW2 era train carriage being restored

Article about: As a very keen photographer i spotted this old train carriage in the train yards. It was being restored. I couldn’t help myself and go inside for a look. While looking around i pulled a mirr

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    Quote by HARRY THE MOLE View Post
    Vey nice to see this, but those figures for the Luftwaffe losses in 1940 seem wildly optimistic!
    Could be propaganda at its best

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    Quote by LizardKing View Post
    Very nice finding!!!
    1st row: ???
    2nd row: Germany has lost 3008 planes
    3rd row: England -//- -//- 876 -//-
    4th row: 50% of our pilots saved
    5th row: London is being bombed nightly

    Am I correct?
    1st row...... Latest war report ........ 1940

    3rd row...... England has lost 876 planes

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    Quote by TrondK View Post
    Those fans are collectables. You should secure it and place it in your collection room. It will look great in a 40-45 display

    Edit: I missed the "being restored" bit.
    yep i couldnt believe it was sitting out on the open in a really hi crime suburb

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    Quote by ToxicGas View Post
    Marc, I just wanted to say your photo of the carriage is fantastic! I'm very much into urban decay photography, and the monochrome look. Great shot.


    Thanks Mat, yep i love this style of photography. Check out this old haunted asylum i photographed..

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    That lovely carriage would not last long around here unfortunately. I sure hope it is not messed with.

    Great pics Marc!


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    Very nice pictures! Thanks for showing them

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