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Somme/Flanders Trip

Article about: Hello all! I thought i would share with you some of the photos from our recent trip to the Somme and Flanders. I'll try and be selective Our first week was camping at a village called Bertan

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    Again, a fantastic place to visit and walk around with the addition of a great museum. Some great items and displays which i hope a few of these pictures show. Im trying to be selective as i have a load of pictures so if you see something you want more photos of i will upload them.
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    This is a moving Australlian Memorial. Thiepval can clearly be seen from the top of the tower as well as Peronne and Albert.
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    Morlancourt ridge.

    We came here as a result of finding the Red Baron's crash site at Vaux Sur Somme just down the road. Pulled the car up the side of the memorial and when James opened the car he came across this. Good Job i wasn't driving as i'd probably gone over it
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    Amiens Cathedral was protected by sandbags to protect it during WW1. The main pillars were reinforced which can be seen in the period pictures. Inside are several plaques commemorating the soldiers who protected Amiens during the German Offensive in 1918.
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    Just realised i put my Passchendaele Pics in the wrong section! After our week on the Somme we headed up to Ypres, that's when we visited Passchendaele. We did visit several more places on the Somme such as Beaumont Hamel and Pozieres which i don't have photos on me at the moment but can upload if you want to (Plus i thought they may have already been shown).

    Our week in Flanders was quieter than the previous week. However we did still visit several places which we haven't done before. First was the Menin Road Museum which was recommended to us by a fellow forum member They were renovating it and told us it will be up and running fully in September this year however they still let us have a look around. One poor guy appears to have lost his hand whilst throwing a grenade
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    I'd be quite willing to accept the German machine gunner's helmet....

    "Much that once was, is lost. For none now live who remember it."

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    Excellent snaps here V & J..Myself & the Missus went to the Somme last year a place well worth visitng..Thanks for posting. Cheers Terry.

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    We took a small drive up to Diksmuide and visited the Yser Tower. A great museum and the top has a great panoramic view of the area. The museum is on 22 levels and you work your way down. I found the display of the soldier with the clock very though evoking and i would say it is one of my favorite displays.
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    great photos.

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    Quote by edelweiss123 View Post
    Mametz Memorial and Wood. We had a little walk around the woods and evidence of the trenches are still very much visible.
    top of my list of places to visit of all the WWI sites. The sculptor, David Peterson is well known in Cardiff and I know his brother and his nephews as they all used to do Viking period re enactment with me back in the day. His son also does archaeological experimental blacksmithing.

    A very evocative account of the battles in the wood can be found in Up to Mametz - and Beyond by Llewelyn Wyn Griffith, which was edited by Jonathon Riley, my next door neighbor and the last Colonel of the Royal Welch Fusiliers before they were amalgamated.

    OK, sorry about any name dropping and I'll get my coat.


    Whatever its just an opinion.

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