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Songs about war

Article about: Do you know any songs about war? I know a few, Mother of Mercy by Iron Maiden, and Sodom have alot of songs related to the Vietnam War. Mother of Mercy is maybe the better choice for most of

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    Jimmy Hendrix ... Machine Gun and this youtube has some good pictures.
    Vietnam War ( Machine Gun - Jimi Hendrix ) - YouTube

    Also Black Sabbath ... War Pigs

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    Two choices from me at each end of the spectrum:

    Motörhead - 1916

    Status Quo - In The Army Now

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    Brothers in arms -dire straits. Its about the Israel/palestine conflict after they toured there.

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    i like johhny horton songs- sink the bismark and battle of new orleans.
    also vietnam era songs- eve of destruction by barry maguire,only nineteen by redgum ,smiley by ronny burns and khesan by cold chisel
    best of all eric bogles tribute to anzac soldiers- the band played waltzing matilda
    for ww2 lille marlene ,we will meet again and bless them all.

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    Bringing up this old thread at the end of 2012 and adding another song of my youth - Aussie band Midnight Oil's " Forgotten years"
    Midnight Oil - Forgotten Years - YouTube

    Ostensibly about WW1 it is also about the debt we owe that we can only repay by NEVER forgetting what hardships they endured to enable us to live the lives we do!! yourselves a favour and have a listen....

    Happy and safe New Year everyone!
    " When you're chewing on life's gristle, don't grumble, give a whistle "

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    The band played waltzing Matilda , a terrific song that has quite a bit of meaning to those of us old enough to remember seeing the old first war blokes, as a kid they were easy to spot, they were the old fellas missing arms and legs.

    Lilly Marlene, a beautiful song.

    Redgums, I was only nineteen, another terrific song, like many Aussie war songs it doesn't speak of glory etc...but of pain, suffering and futility. I like them.

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    Whatever its just an opinion.

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    Muse a Soldiers Poem
    Soldier's Poem - Live at Wembley Stadium - YouTube

    and Radiohead Harry patch (in memory of).

    Radiohead - Harry Patch (In Memory Of) - YouTube

    Radiohead one is quite haunting with the music and the way Thom Yorke sings you really have to listen to the words. Probably not everyones cup of tea

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    I know a few about many wars.

    War After the War-Street Dogs
    Sorrow-Bad Religion
    The Fighting 69th-Dropkick Murphys
    Broken Hymns-Dropkick Murphys
    Johnny I Hardly Knew Ya-Various Artists
    Last Letter Home-Dropkick Murphys
    The Lads Who Fought and Won-The Real McKenzies

    Hope I helped.

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