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A special story

Article about: Here it is! We are having rain for day's now and for more weeks to come, so those are the best pic's I could take inside....

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    Default A special story

    I didnt knew where to put thise exactly, also don't know where to start it....
    I mentioned on previous occasions that i was member of different fora, ever since I found out the existence of them. Not all were related to militaria, but by some strange way, militaria and history never seemed to be that far away.
    So here I was on a social forum of ebay Belgium, but the French speaking part(!), were I got by pure coincidence.
    I virtualy met a large number of people, and we had a great time for many years on that forum.
    We mainly chat, helped each other with all kind of problems. Some problems were related to technical things regarding ebay, or PC problems etc..
    The forum was open to every one, but i must say that we gave ourself a different status,and were like a "elite" of the ebay forum.
    We "banned" any one who wasn't gratified by us, by lynching or by negating them; in short we were a real groupe of more or less a 100.
    We had some reunions, were we met each other, some were in the National Military Museum, but we had some on fairs and even in private.
    I didn't participated on all the meetings because of the distance.
    Some of them even came to give me and my wife, a hand moving our stuff when i closed the shop, more then 8 years ago. They came early, left late and did over 100 km just to help!
    One of the members got sick and paralyzed in a no time. And the groupe got together and bought here a pc adapted to here handicap.
    It was a real expensive piece of technolgy. We all put stuff up for sale on ebay and donated it. I remember one member who was a collector selling his best Model 24 Stielhandgranate for the cause! That guy got in social trouble later and got mean to most groupe members...I was the last one he held contact with, but I also lost track at the end.
    Not only goods were sold, to rise funds! Some female members got nude on a calender, a song was recorded on a cd and sold, diners and reunions were held to get the money, and they made it happen.
    But all sorts of other things happend and were shared on the forum and not always for the best! My wife called it a "soap"... and looking at it now it might have been so, but it was realy happening...Some couples of the groupe split, some changed partners....well the normal s*** just has we all know from real live, exept that I withnessed it mainly through the forum.
    And despite the bad experiences some encoutered the spirit on that forum was always very enjoyable.
    Because of severe troubles on the ebay forum in France, ebay closed that forum, but the Frenchies came in exile to the Belgian French speaking forum to continue theyre war and our forum got closed as well.
    All groups that were involved started theyre own fora, but the spirit got lost.... One thing that remained is the friendship and I still meet some of the old ebay forum members today.
    One of them is some one I had a special bound with, for a reason I can't explain. And i know I mentioned thise before in a other treath, so forgive me as I am repeating myself, but it is important to me that i am able to share thise.
    So thise is a guy I never met, who speaks a different language and lives over 100 km from, that made me remember of a good friend I lost many years before.The coincidence was even bigger when he posted a pic of him when he was younger and even looked like the friend I had lost.
    Only a few of the ebay groupe met that guy, who apparantly was ashamed for the way he looks now (that I just found out recently!) because of a illness he's waight went up to 180 kg. The illness is a sever thing he is fighting now.
    With thise guy*, me and the guy of the grenade we re -played "allo,allo", Monty python, Black adder,and many more on the ebay forum. It is quiet rare to find French people having that sence of humor. Also the interference ,when doing thise, with other ebay members who are French and don't know these characters was hilarious in some momments.

    I am going to close thise treath because i had a rough night and need something to eat.
    As thise was only the introduction to my story, I'll come back later with the battle of Mons and a signal pistol....
    To be continued!
    * I am going to call him "Mega" (part of his nickname on fora)to continue the story!
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    Always looking for Belgian Congo stuff!

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    Default Re: A special story

    In the end all we have are the memories of times gone by- good or bad.
    Collect ROA, Cossack, Schuma and other WW2 Volunteer militaria.

    "Be Humble and kind, for you may find that it was Odin you entertained"

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    Default Re: A special story

    Exactly ! But like i said it was only the intro!
    With the "1000 posts world tour helmet" in my posession,I had to go to Mons in Belgium and went to the social forum, on wich most of the old ebay forum members are, to ask for special places on my way to Mons to take pic's of the helmet in "natural environment"(!) (lol)
    But i didn't got any answers in time.
    Just a week later a book fell into my letter box.
    It was send by Mega and telling the story of the battle of Mons.
    A intresting book in French told by a time witness who fought along the American forces when (and before!)they reached his town.
    It is about the chaotic retreat of the Germans and the even chaotic advance of the liberating army's.
    I hope I or the forum won't get in to trouble when i share some pictures of the book !
    Tanks, truck's,gun's, arms and bikes were left behind.
    One guy took a motorbike home at the risk of his life, when fighting was going on and the driver was just shot down.
    He was apprehended the same day,after the battle, by Belgian police for stealing the bike, because all enemy military items had to go to the Belgian governement....
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    Always looking for Belgian Congo stuff!

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    Default Re: A special story

    Intersting my friend, I have two pictures from the Geman side.
    30 years ago I met onetime THE collector about this pocket. He died and all the material was sold at small prices.

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    Default Re: A special story

    I don't find the second, bad condition

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    Default Re: A special story

    Thanks for your input lebus! Great pic!
    I think I met the guy you are talking about as wel, but that was in 1977 i think!?
    But my story doesn't end here!!
    "Mega" used to participate in the organisation of the anual celebrations of the liberation of Mons, and met a lot of vet's who were invited at thise celebrations.
    So he had many friends among them. One of them was a member of the 3th armoured division, who , after Mons got involved in the six weeks battle for Aachen.
    Thise guy confiscated, among other items a signal pistol of a German WH Spiess, who was made prisoner, during that battle.
    Well, that signal pistol is coming my way, with a copy of the official rapport with all details.
    I wanted to wait until it was here, but I will be using his pic's, for now!
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    Always looking for Belgian Congo stuff!

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    Default Re: A special story

    Good stuff Kris. Karma or providence ? It's great that you
    are now the owner of this nice flare pistol with a history
    behind it - Great story too.........


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    Default Re: A special story

    Glad you liked it Steve!
    The pistol isn't that spectacular as a item, and it never was very high on my "wanted list"(it wasn't even on it!!), but in stead of only posting some pic's of the gun, I tought it deserved "a explanation", especialy on thise forum, because I have the same good feeling on thise forum as the forum I was on when I met "Mega"!
    I might look like a sentimental old fool,..... and then again .....maybe I am....!
    Always looking for Belgian Congo stuff!

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    Default Re: A special story

    Lol, no harm in that. I am a sentimental old fool too - or maybe just mental !
    It is great that you have provenance or history with it. This is what
    elevates the pistol to something more special.

    I have one too (Erfurt 1940) but have no idea how it got to
    Canada, let alone what battles it may have seen.........


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    Default Re: A special story

    Quote by Walkwolf View Post
    Lol,... - or maybe just mental !
    It in.........
    Could be that too! ;-)
    Always looking for Belgian Congo stuff!

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