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Specializing My Collection?

Article about: So, I have been collecting for several years now, and my general routine has been that, if I see it at a sale and it is cheap I buy it. No matter what it is generally, as long as it is milit

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    Ive only just started collecting myself and started with buying things all over the place, but ive now gone down the route of Cap badges but as others have said i still cant resist a good bargin if i see one, glad im not the only one


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    Default Re: Specializing My Collection?

    Same for me, I used to buy anything military, then went over to just German WWII items, then refined that to just WWII German tropical items and lately I only buy WWII British & commonwealth items, mostly tunics, helmets & insignia, but at all times I have also bought what took my fancy, especially if I thought it was a good price.


    Whatever its just an opinion.

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    I have decided to go to gas masks as my main, display a few prominent helmets I already have, buy civil defense items on the side, box up a good half of the collection, and I have about a half dozen items to sell/preferably trade. Anyone have tips on displaying gas masks? Right now all of mine are put on styrofoam mannequin heads, will this cause any preservation issues? The masks are fitted just like if somebody were wearing them. Currently I have no problems with any rot or insects, but will be looking into proper humidity control. Any tips on keeping the rubber from drying and cracking?

    I find gas masks to be easy to collect. Not many people seem to buy them, and they are cheap! A lesser condition WWI respirator can be had for less than $70 USD. There is plenty of variety, but it isn't staggering. I think a large book could cover every model of mask and filter out there. Not like other items, where you could collect for decades and be nowhere near complete in your knowledge or collection. Just something slow, simple, and cheap. Just my style.

    By the way, I am loving the forums so far. Fantastic forum layout and color choice, and a great community.

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    I'm quickly coming to the same crossroads. I've been all over the map on my collection thus far, but I thoroughly enjoy WWII German combat helmets. I don't really enjoy their price tags. I have been asking myself lately what I want to specialize in. I started out with the "one of everything" mentality but in not so sure I want to go that route. I'm saving for a super condition SS helmet, and then I may be dropping down to EK's or other medals and slowing up on helmets. Threads like this one are interesting because it shows that a majority of collectors, how numerous we are, end up asking themselves the exact same questions. Good discussion here!

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    I specialize. Hitler Youth shoulder boards and straps and DJ Sigrunes are about the only thing I buy. I have a few other HJ cloth insignia items, but only to enhance my shoulder strap displays. Some people might find it boring to only collect one thing. For me it allows me to learn a great deal as I only really study this area in great depth. It also helps as I seek out these items and can scan over website updates, militaria show table displays, etc. very quickly and spot any items of interest without debating if I should buy this or that. When you have a collection en masse of a certain special item the display is pretty impressive looking as well. Also if people know that you specialize in one area you will often get offered items that never get listed for sale publicly from other private collectors. To each his own, but I like focused collections.

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    Default Re: Specializing My Collection?

    Frank, you are likely the only one here - or perhaps anywhere - who has
    somehow managed to focus solely on a single area of collecting.
    My hat is off to you - it is indeed a great collection !

    I have a room full of stuff - bits and bobs picked up along the way.
    Sooner or later, I'll have to trade and or sell things off
    as needed to fund other interests.........


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