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Article about: The Eerie Whiteford Sands | Welcome to Gower: Illustrated Guides Around the Gower Peninsula. Anyone here ever been to this place?

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    Spooky! I'm from Wales and lived in Swansea for 3 years doing a degree course. I never went to Whiteford Sands though, it's not a very well known beach but a few surfer buddies of mine used to go there. Next time I'm in the area, I'm definitely checking it out.

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    Are you going to go 'camping' there???

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    I am on my way there tomorrow !

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    Quote by relichunter View Post

    I am on my way there tomorrow !
    Oh jeezzz. I don't believe in ghosts etc. but if you let your imagination run a little wild,who knows what you can conjure up? I used to go camping up in the Pine Barrens in New Jersey several yrs. ago. I don't particularly believe in the 'Jersey Devil' but ooooooo...I sure could scare myself! Be careful and keep us clued in as to how it went! If not, perhaps yer next of kin could let us know. (just kiddin) Look forward to hearing how it went!


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