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Spot the Swastika

Article about: Hi Gents I have passed this for years and only just seen the symbol within the cross. I hope its accidental? I know the swastika was actually an ancient symbol hi-jacked by the National soci

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    Damned Nazis are everywhere!
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    Quote by Glenn66 View Post
    Damed Nazis are everywhere!
    I tell ya...

    On another note while I was staying in Amsterdam I noticed that the tiles in the train station form some too, I think I may have a problem I notice this stuff too much...

    All the best,

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    Lol my highschool had desks in the library that had 4 attached squares... that made several large swastickas and the local resturants booths are arranged in one too... coencidence? Or nazis?

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    Shield of Phillip B' in museum in Vergina Greece

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    Ancient Greek statue Museum of Athens.


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