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State of war declared

Article about: by Patrick Lewis Anyone care to caption this? Attachment 492510 "Hmmm...Not bad, but it needs a bit more dog...."

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    Nice A-2 jacket Barack......... !


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    Hahaha... Americans, lead by a man in style haha


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    Quote by crites1234 View Post
    I died laughing when i saw that picture of the soldier and his giant hat XD its like 3 times the size of his head XD
    Thats one of their top secret weapons to kill anyone with their own laughter..something like out of Monty Python..with the deadliest joke
    It is not the size of a Collection in History that matters......Its the size of your Passion for it!! - Larry C

    One never knows what tree roots push to the surface of what laid buried before the tree was planted - Larry C

    “The farther back you can look, the farther forward you are likely to see.” - Winston Churchill

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    Quote by Larry C View Post
    This hat...........Really??? and the movie..which was the best description of the former thats entertainment.
    Isn't that the Pillsbury Doughboy's hat?

    "Much that once was, is lost. For none now live who remember it."

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    Friendly warning.

    As long as the thread continues in the current vein all will be well. The slightest hint of it going political or any mud slinging starts then the thread will be deleted and any members guilty of the above will have their membership suspended or terminated.

    Do not use the thread as a platform for your own agenda. Keep it above board.

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    Exclamation State of War Declared on Hat Sizes

    OK.... Now I get it Eric!

    Attachment 492459

    Something like one of the personalities in the movie Shreik? His name was Lord Farquhar and get a load of the size of his hat.

    The Russians were never this bad with the breadth of their military caps, were they? Clunky maybe but not suspiciously large.

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    Default Re: State of war declared

    Don't worry folks panic over, Kim Jong Un has been arrested for crimes against hairstyles!...
    It's a wasted trip baby. Nobody said nothing about locking horns with no Tigers.

    I'm Spartacus, not really i'm Paul!...

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    Cool State of Affairs Declared

    Quote by Sir Payne View Post
    ...I kind of like their taste in military regalia...

    Attachment 492332
    All I can say to the Swiss drum corps group Top Secret is ... eat your heart out boys, you've just been eclipsed. With a stroke, triple tap and a ratamacue... Wow!

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    Default Re: State of war declared


    My Soviet atomic bomb blast fallout calculator, complete with operating instructions for the Russian speaker is now offered for sale... any sensible offers considered, but please keep in mind as the tension increases so will the minimum level of the offer price I will accept....


    I collect, therefore I am.

    Nothing in science can explain how consciousness arose from matter.

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    Default Re: State of war declared

    Anyone care to caption this?


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