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Stolen firearm found

Article about: I was notified today that I can go and pick up a .45 pistol that was stolen from my residence almost 5 years ago. I had actually given up hope of ever seeing it again. The buggers removed th

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    here in the UK the law as now decided if you have a shotgun you can use it on the burglars.whooopeee.

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    Quote by drmessimer View Post
    Tom: This is beginning to sound like a radio soap opera; one problem/roadblock after another. Are all those regulations supposed to be keeping you safe? If so, and assuming they work, you must be feeling utterly secure now that you know that not just any Tom, Dick, or Harry can have a gun. On the other hand, I wonder if all those charges and fees you are going to have to pay are really just revenue gatherers, like our DMV. God, how I love big government. Glad you almost have your gun back. Dwight
    I actually have the firearm in my possession, but to make it all legal I have to now jump through hoops. Bear in mind that only legal gun owners have to go through this, so it does nothing to curb the influx of illegal firearms out there. Of course, if you said that all with tongue in cheek......


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    Quote by harryamb2 View Post
    here in the UK the law as now decided if you have a shotgun you can use it on the burglars.whooopeee.
    And how easy/difficult is it to get a shotgun?


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    Tom: You're right all that was tongue-in-cheek because our situation here in California isn't a whole lot different from what it is for you. We can still own and shoot firearms, but killing someone even under the most legally solid conditions, would expose one to a lot of trouble. Even police officers face that fact. Still, there are times when it has to be done and so I still have my old duty revolver and a loaded 12 ga. Illegitimi non carborundum (don't let the bastards wear you down) Dwight

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