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The Stupidity of this Guy!

Article about: Ok this will be a out of the blue post from me. Since i am in the age demographic that uses Instagram, it was brought to my attention there was someone on the app buying ww2 guns and cutting

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    I disagree with most here.

    ... I believe that this man should be arrested and placed in Guantanamo Bay, charged with crimes against common sense.

    Seriously though, it really does hurt the eyes anytime a piece of history is treated as junk

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    Jeez, there really are some serious nutjobs loose on the streets.....


    Whatever its just an opinion.

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    Quote by RH1941 View Post
    What country is he from.
    You really mean what PLANET is he from
    I vote for LOCO PRIME, you know, the one 60 light years from here.
    Just a hop and a skip for the Millennium Falcon.

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