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Summer 2013. Where are you heading for vacation?

Article about: Much of my time this summer was spent in the North at work I only manage to get home for a few days every 5- 6 weeks so time has been limited as there is always a honey do list waiting for m

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    It would have to be a pretty goat!

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    Quote by robin morley View Post
    I can beat that how about 5 camels and a goat, Shipping on me!!!!
    Too late! Mrs Woolgar is now in a Bedouin tent with her new owner!

    "In all my years as a soldier, I have never seen men fight so hard." - SS Obergruppenfuhrer Wilhelm Bittrich - Arnhem

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    Some pics from Skye and Rasaay, typically Scottish, though we had some sunny days.
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    Whatever its just an opinion.

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    Although summer is now over I have just returned from an Autumn holiday, or I should say 'Fall vacation'. My planned road trip cancelled by the shut down of National parks.

    It started here near Egg Harbour on the shores of Lake Michigan in the beautiful state of Wisconsin.....

    Picture 072.jpg

    Where I realised that looking serious when you are asked to is actually very difficult.

    Picture 133.jpg

    But not as difficult as removing a garter with your teeth apparently, so offered my services.....

    Picture 162.jpg

    I saw a beautiful car with possibly the best number plate ever.....

    Picture 220.jpg

    I enjoyed the autumn colours.....

    Picture 227.jpgPicture 235.jpgPicture 224.jpg

    Then travelled south to visit Madison, Wisconsin's state capital. There is a building here that you will notice looks very similar to the Capitol Building in Washington. This is no accident. During the Cold War, the Capitol Building in Madison was to be used to seat the U.S. Government should the Washington building be destroyed. The figure on the top is the 'Wisconsin Statue' bearing symbols of the state, a badger atop her helmet and her arm pointing 'Forward' which is the motto of Wisconsin. Her arm is also pointing towards Washington.

    Attachment 592331Attachment 592330Attachment 592329Attachment 592328Attachment 592327Attachment 592326Attachment 592332

    I then travelled on some incredibly straight and empty roads.....

    Picture 273.jpg

    To a place called - unsurprisingly - 'Mirror Lake' where I had a few hours hiking in the woods......

    Picture 285.jpgPicture 286.jpgPicture 299.jpgPicture 318.jpgPicture 320.jpg

    And then on to 'Devil's Lake' for some more hiking. The trees were a riot of colour.....

    Picture 331.jpgPicture 332.jpgPicture 355.jpgPicture 358.jpgPicture 409.jpg

    I went across the state to see the Mississippi.....

    Picture 440.jpgPicture 441.jpg

    Found a tank.....

    Picture 436.jpg

    Back onto some more very long and straight roads.....

    Picture 457.jpg

    Realised that turkeys taste better than they look.....

    Picture 473.jpg

    And that when a bull Elk looks at you like this, he doesn't want to give you a kiss.....

    Picture 481.jpg

    Stopped to photograph Holy Hill Basilica.....

    Picture 542.jpg

    Realised I was going to miss my Chevy.....

    Picture 544.jpg

    I discovered heaven is a place on earth!

    Picture 545.jpg

    Any shop that has an aeroplane, a mountain, an elephant and a polar bear in it is one that I don't mind going in.....

    Picture 565.jpgPicture 697.jpgPicture 664.jpg

    And then it was three hours down the road to downtown Chicago.
    Seriously, what was I thinking?
    I was following another vehicle in a two car convoy and we went through the suburbs to avoid paying tolls and when the other occupants of the car started making sure the doors were locked and all valuables were out of sight (hence no photos from this part of the journey) I wondered if the ten dollars or so we saved was going to be worth getting car-jacked for.
    I learnt very quickly that stop signs were irrelevant and and indicating was secondary to using that hand for the horn.
    When in Rome (or in this case Chicago).....

    Picture 756.jpgPicture 733.jpgPicture 714.jpg

    Anyway, everyone survived the journey and we saw Snow White's old clothes.....

    Picture 759.jpg

    Mary Poppins' carpet bag.....

    Picture 781.jpg

    The Moderator's Uniform.....

    Picture 778.jpg

    Big Ned's weekend frock.....

    Picture 796.jpg

    And Ade's everyday attire.....

    Picture 798.jpg

    We got dive bombed by a Stuka.....

    Picture 808.jpg

    Survived a tornado.....

    Picture 821.jpg

    Bumped into a U-Boat.....

    Picture 903.jpg

    Before heading into town.....

    Picture 941.jpgPicture 971.jpgPicture 980.jpgPicture 991.jpgPicture 1010.jpg

    The next morning was my final day so it was up to the top of the Willis (Sears) Tower.....

    Picture 1087.jpg

    For superb views of the city and beyond.....

    Picture 1047.jpgPicture 1040.jpgPicture 1036.jpgPicture 1032.jpg

    103 floors up is a bloody long way when there's nothing beneath you.....

    Picture 1075.jpgPicture 1060.jpg

    And that pretty much wraps my holiday up!

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    Some great pics Adrian...looks like you had a great time. The Tree pics are always nice this time of year,,,which always trancends a sense of peace. The museum pics are great. Interesting to see a tank in that type of surrounding...looks wide open out there. The wedding pic is a blast...looks like someone searching for treasure Im not much for glass elevators being that high up. Glass coffee tables can be fun though...LOL Good to have you back and glad you had a good time despite the pettiness with the Government closing some of the parks. Regards Larry
    It is not the size of a Collection in History that matters......Its the size of your Passion for it!! - Larry C

    One never knows what tree roots push to the surface of what laid buried before the tree was planted - Larry C

    “The farther back you can look, the farther forward you are likely to see.” - Winston Churchill

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    Cheers Larry, the tank is part of a war memorial of which I will post more photos in the next few days along with the Stuka and U-Boat. The glass 'elevators' are not actually elevators but glass pods that extend over the side of the building so you can stand in them and be 103 floors up, directly above the street below.

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    Great photos, Adrian, sounds like you had a good time mate!

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    Quote by Jerry B View Post
    Indeed mate.

    Here is where I was digging last week trying to find a missing abbey wall buried for 100's of years, I found 4 walls and thankfully one was the one I was looking for. It is the more deeply buried wall. I also found parts of a skull, rather sad really as it is a long forgotten burial.

    I have recently returned to this site and completed the excavation to uncover the missing abbey walls. Also found a section of the original tiled flooring, and some more burials from the 19th century. The walls and the tiled floor had been buried for at least 2 hundred years. The walls had been truncated by a number of burials and had been reduced in height, but are to be rebuilt to something nearer their original state. The tiled flooring is to be preserved as across the rest of the site it is in a poor condition. The tiles in the foreground are modern replacements.
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    Whatever its just an opinion.

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    How interesting, you must love your job Jerry, you're a lucky man mate.

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    Quote by sandgroper View Post
    How interesting, you must love your job Jerry, you're a lucky man mate.

    Not always as much fun as you might imagine. The weather can make a big difference as can the archaeology or lack of it.
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    Whatever its just an opinion.

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