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Suspect member?

Article about: ....a minimum rep and minimum number of posts isn't a guarantee.... without revealing names!! Even the titel "lifetime member" or "moderator" isn't a garantee for a smoot

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    Default Suspect member?

    A Forum member called Sultan contacted me by forum email offering an item. I paid by paypal after several communications. Since then nothing heard nor any response nor of cse the item?
    From the Moderators any advice? This email address is in Poland and up to now I have had tremendous satisfaction dealing with and communicating with Poles.
    I am hoping there is a good rational explanation but so far nothing heard....and time must surely indicate a suspect member.

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    Default Re: Suspect member?

    how many posts does he have on the forum?

    sorry mate please read page 3 of this thread Operation citadel

    edit** paypal should let you make a claim against the person so you may be able to get your money back

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    Default Re: Suspect member?

    Oh, I hope it's not Pawel Nowak or what his name is....(under another name ofc..)
    Because then you are F*****

    Hope things work out with you!
    I'm not buying stuff from other countries

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    Default Re: Suspect member?

    i cant seem to find Sultan on the forum members list ???

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    Default Re: Suspect member?

    I think that's because Ade already banned him.

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    Default Re: Suspect member?

    Quote by sitges1990 View Post
    I think that's because Ade already banned him.
    on page 3 of the link i posted

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    Default Re: Suspect member?

    He offered me something a while back via messages but I ignored him. If I were you I'd start a dispute over paypal.


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    Default Re: Suspect member?

    Mark, you've been scammed. Get your money back through PayPal before it's too late.

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    Default Re: Suspect member?

    Unless you know the seller to be one of the longer standing and respected members on the forum, i would suggest you ignore any of these one off e-mails that are sent out, its no accident that they are targeting the people they do, they are checking your posts, your questions and seeing how experienced you are, either by age or your personal knowledge of a subject, dont make it easy for them, post their pictures, ask the questions and if your unhappy with something speak to a Moderator

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    Default Re: Suspect member?

    I've said it before and I'll say it again, use some common sense, ask yourself some questions before sending YOUR hard earned cash to a complete stranger.

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