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IS" SVMILITARIA" trustworthy?

Article about: I have bought severalitems from Karl and he is great on prices and is a straight shooter. Best way to contact him is through calling.

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    Default IS" SVMILITARIA" trustworthy?

    Hi Peoples

    I have seen this guy ( Karl Kithier,
    who sells flags of the Third Reich, and wanted this forums opinion of his trustworthyness or any problems I may have buying from him, or if he is a good trusted dealer.

    I wanted a flag of his and wanted to get a sense of his reputation before sending him money.

    thanks again

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    Default Re: IS" SVMILITARIA" trustworthy?

    Hey guys, any comments at all about this seller?

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    Default Re: IS" SVMILITARIA" trustworthy?

    I reserved the M36 Panzer tunic on his site. I have heard a lot of good things about him and he is a really nice guy to talk to. I am pretty sure he is good friends with Kelly Hicks, the author of SS Steel.

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    Default Re: IS" SVMILITARIA" trustworthy?

    Jason, I have bought quite a few buckles from him in the past, had no trouble with the bloke

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    Default Re: IS" SVMILITARIA" trustworthy?

    There are a few people who can't be bothered with him because he seems to take forever to answer emails. They forget of course he does it for a hobby and not a business.
    I had one dealing with him, enquired about an item on his site which turned out to be sold but not marked as such. He put me onto his friend who was selling an identical item, I bought it, it was delivered so no problems and I would go back to him.

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    Default Re: IS" SVMILITARIA" trustworthy?

    He does take a long time to responce to E-mail.I have never bought anything from him because eveytime the Item has been sold but not mark has sold.But I have never hearded any bad things about him.So I would go for it.

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    Default Re: IS" SVMILITARIA" trustworthy?

    I Just wanted to give an update on this question I possed.

    I eventually got onto him through the phone, so I could get a feel of his character, and after our chat I was satisfied that he should be a straight shooter.

    I bought a krieg flag 10 by 6ft for 435, and it has arrived about 10 days after he said he sent it, and I live in AUSTRALIA.

    SO I would like to say thanks to those who reckon he was ok to deal with, as I used these endorsments and the vibe of the phone call to take a chance with him.

    I would use him again, and thus would recommend him for others to use due to my problem less transaction.

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    Default Re: IS" SVMILITARIA" trustworthy?

    Nice! Thanks for the heads up!

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    Default Re: IS" SVMILITARIA" trustworthy?

    Hi Jason, thanks for taking the time to post an update. All too often we hear about bad dealers and not enough about the decent honest guys.

    Cheers, Ade.

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    Default Re: IS" SVMILITARIA" trustworthy?

    I've got the feeling that he ignores some countries. My friend has make a order for approx 5000 USD, and has sent @-mails triple time, but there was no answer....
    Surely there is a good and fair prices, but looks like the customer work is'nt on the high level

    my Skype: warrelics

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