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swedish tunic help

Article about: evening all ,im not really sure what section to put this swedish uniform in so ill ask here on the discussions sub forum ,ive done some research and so far i believe this is classed as m1939

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    Nice tunic James I don't think I have ever seen one with anchor buttons, Swedish tunics are getting hard to find anymore as they were surplus items but so many reanactors cut them up into German style tunics before all the German repo tunics hit the market. Back in about 1977 I remember a guy buying up several dozen for his reenactment unit to redo as repo's were not that common. I think they are all in all getting collectible. timothy

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    Found out the insignia is the Swedish Armoured units,


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    James, I don't know if you in the meantime have discovered this for yourself, but you tunic is not a M/39!

    It is a M/42-58, for the Coastal Artilery. (hence the Anchor buttons!)

    I really like it, and they are harder to come by than their army M/39 counterparts.

    Here is an old photo of the Vapenrock M/42

    Vapenrock M.42 Marinen.jpg

    The difference between the M/42 and M/42-58 is:
    - The added rear pockets
    - The removal of the shoulder straps
    - The added peieces of cotton under the arms.
    - The back slit on the jacket is sewn shut.

    The WWII jackets had two crossed brass cannons on the shoulder straps.

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    Many thanks for the update on my tunic 37 webbing i wasn't aware of the designation so thank you ,i really like the look of the m42 version ,it might be an idea for me to put mine back as was and use the back pocket material for shoulder boards ,it sounds an easy conversion to do ,can i ask if you know if the trousers were modernised along with the tunic post 1942 and beyond
    ,a little while back i set up the uniform on my display frame ,kind regards james008.jpg007.jpg005.jpg004.jpg

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    I am just happy to help.
    The M/42 is a somewhat sought after item, in its original pre-1958 version.

    The trousers were changed as well in 1958. The leg was cut a bit in length, and narrowed at the bottom.
    They then cut up a M/39 anklet / gaiter (Damasker M.1939 in Swedish) and then attached it to the bottom of the trousers.
    They did this to eliminate the anklets as an individual item. One item less to keep track on in the barracks and in the field.

    I do actually have a guide in .pdf on how to redo the M/42, M/39 jackets and trouser back into their original state.
    I can send it to you, if you wish so, just pm me and I will try to dig it out.
    I have redone several M/39 jackets, and there is plenty of fabric in the pockets for a pair of shoulder boards.

    If you need to know what else goes with the uniform, just let me know. I might even have a bit of equipment to spare!
    I have been collecting Swedish WWII and "Inter-war" equipment for several years now and it eventually build up...

    Love the display! (But officers boots are perhaps a bit too much for an enlisted jacket )

    The trousers for the M.1942 should look like this:
    Langbyxor f. kystartilleriet M.1942.jpg

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    That guide would be excellent and thanks for the offer of the spare's ,the jackboots are third reich officer's private purchase but seemed the only suitable boot's i had for the display at the time

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    On my work computer, and does not have access to my files.
    But found this photo of the boots you need for the uniform:

    Kängor M.1929.jpg

    And the anklets:

    Damask M.1939.jpg

    Damask M.1942.jpg

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