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swedish tunic help

Article about: evening all ,im not really sure what section to put this swedish uniform in so ill ask here on the discussions sub forum ,ive done some research and so far i believe this is classed as m1939

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    Default swedish tunic help

    evening all ,im not really sure what section to put this swedish uniform in so ill ask here on the discussions sub forum ,ive done some research and so far i believe this is classed as m1939 pattern but modernised post war late 1950's i can tell a different wool was used especially on the rear tunic pockets and trouser pockets the rear seam is stiched together and the shoulder boards removed which seems a pity ,the collar rank insignia remnants appear to be of a red stitching ,the tunic buttons are showing anchors albiet for the rear pocket flap buttons which show the three crowns, im more intrigued by the scalloped front pocket flaps ,i cant find any comparisons to this style anywhere ,all the examples ive found show a horizontal pocket flap ,the anchor buttons tell me it must be Amphibious corps ,any information would be great as id like to learn more on these underated uniforms 006.jpg012.jpg013.jpg016.jpg011.jpg010.jpg008.jpg003.jpg005.jpg030.jpg028.jpg029.jpg

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    I can't say much for the uniform itself, but the anchor buttons, shape of the collar tabs, and the red fabric they're made out of would point towards Coastal Artillery I believe.

    I agree they are unappreciated, though still quite cheap to collect for the time being.


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    hello john and many thanks for your thoughts on this one ,im guessing swedish items dont gather much interest ,i can also gauge that on the fact ive only had one kind response in this thread i agree they are the most economical on the wallet ww2 period uniform going ,such a shame to see them ruined by converting them to a third reich style tunic/trousers ,im keeping this set just as it is,thanks again james

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    Great Tunic indeed and underestimated as you point out. They are very well made. Some make "German" uniforms of them for reenactment. The trousers are very good in cold weather and i am actually looking to buy the set for use outdoors Not WW2 era of course Congrats on the set

    Regards, Lars

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    many thanks lars keep this to yourself but ive tryed the uniform on, the tunic has quite a retro look ,the wife was impressed good luck on the trousers would they too be made from wool

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    Hi, I picked up on of these tunics at a local market this week, it is 1943 stamped with the 1950s additional rear pockets and extra material added under the sleeves.
    Had a good look round on the net but have been unable to find what the collar insignia is, just wondered if anyone could help ?,

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    Looks a bit like the Estonian Volunteer Brigade patch but i recon there should be an "E" on it too then. Interesting


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    i have seen swedish tunics with these style epaulettes before so believe correct for issue to sweden but as for the insignia im not sure ,is it an arm holding a sword ? its hard to be sure from the picture

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    Hi James IMO it is a arm holding a sword.

    Regards Mark
    Always on the look out for WW II Canadian Helmets and Cam nets to add to my collection.

    Found a Canadian Mk II Medics Helmet and yes I know they are about as rare as hens teeth !!!!!

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    Thanks all, yes it is an arm holding a sword, snapped it on my ancient phone so not a great image !, mine has metal 3 crowns buttons and the breast pocket flaps are straight but the rear flaps come to a point.

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