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Tasmanian bushfires

Article about: Best wishes for those who were caught up in that area,, and hopefully a safe return for those who are unaccounted for. My hopes they may be in an area that is away from fire but still being

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    Default Tasmanian bushfires

    Over 100 properties lost in Tasmanian bushfires and 100 people so far unaccounted for. Police and the army are searching for the unaccounted people and are hoping that they will all be found safe and well, however, accept that some may not. Best wishes to our Tasmanian members and to the Police, fireos and all other emergency service personal who all do an outstanding job in times of crises. We are thinking of you all.

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    Default Re: Tasmanian bushfires

    Terrible thing!
    In thoughts with them!!
    Always looking for Belgian Congo stuff!

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    Default Re: Tasmanian bushfires

    hi sandgroper,
    whats the temps now in tasmania and do you no how the fire was started
    cheers adam

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    Default Re: Tasmanian bushfires

    The temps have cooled down quite a bit now and, I think, most of the fires are now contained. The temps were around 41c which are record temps for Tassie, Tasmania is our southernmost state so tends to have much milder temps than the rest of the country. As far as I'm aware, the fires started due to the extreme temps. Many things can cause bushfires to start, spontaneous combustion from a build up of leaf litter generating enough heat to burst into flame etc....lightening strikes, and idiots dropping cigarette butts and the like.

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    Today the temp in Sydney's western suburbs reached 39C and has been between 38 - low 40's the last few days. A thermometer of mine in the sun reached 48C ( that's 110F!!!!!! ) so yes, it's bloody hot all up the east coast! Thoughts go out to the Tassie folk!
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    Default Re: Tasmanian bushfires

    Was 53c just south of Cooper Pedy the other day, not nice.

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    Default Re: Tasmanian bushfires

    Sad news!...
    It's a wasted trip baby. Nobody said nothing about locking horns with no Tigers.

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    Default Re: Tasmanian bushfires

    Terrible! I can only imagine what thoose poor people are going through

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    Default Re: Tasmanian bushfires

    Hoping you all stay safe and sound , I always watch BBC News and always think of fellow forum members , fires in Australia or floods in England . This site makes it a small world , so good luck to everyone in the New Year .

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    Default Re: Tasmanian bushfires

    fingers crossed they are ok.

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