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Article about: hello there just thought i would share my tatto with everyone,famous images and badges from ww2

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    To each his own! We are free men. I appreciate the artwork and they look great but it's not for my skin. My mother would kick my a$$!!! even at my age! No tats or piercings allowed in my family, dad didn't allow it, and now my kids live by the rule.


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    I always liked tattoos that mean something to the person who has them, and your tattoos look like a piece of art

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    Its only art- people can have what ever they like on their private property. I was extremly drunk in Brasil some years back (Jack Daniels party). And i woke up with a "little" tatoo on my skin myself.

    To bad it stays there...

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    This is one of my brother-in-law Dave's tattoo's.....He cannot understand why I laugh hysterically until tears run down my face everytime he proudly shows it off at family get togethers and down the pub.

    Mind you, he is ex-mortars, and therefore retreaded......

    Regards, Ned.
    Attached Images Attached Images
    'I do not think we can hope for any better thing now.
    We shall stick it out to the end, but we are getting weaker of course, and the end cannot be far.
    It seems a pity, but I do not think I can write more. R. SCOTT.
    Last Entry - For God's sake look after our people.'

    In memory of Capt. Robert Falcon Scott, Edward Wilson, Henry Bowers, Lawrence Oates and Edgar Evans. South Pole Expedition, 30th March 1912.

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    Naffi hours??? hahahahhahaha

    they would drive a truck up in the morning and again in the afternoons to us for the GCHQ guys. of course, the american spooks like myself would patronize it as well.

    little breakfast croissants and cheeses and tea and crumpets... i will never forget that truck. it was unbelievably good.
    the GCHQ guys called it the NAAFI Tea Wagon. we called it The NAAFI Truck.

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    to hell with it. here's one of mine.

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    Nice art gentlemen. I have not found a good enough tattoo artist in our area yet. My brother has gotten 3 different ones from 2 differnt places here and was not pleased. They even messed up his Boston Red Sox "B"!! I will get one that can be covered up when need be. Call me conservative! Ha, yeah right

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    sorry, they're all so faded out you wouldnt want to see em. Maybe I can get a good image of zombie Hitler. In the future I hope to get some of my favorite German tanks. "why" you may ask? Because I think it's awesome looking! I love history and specifically ww2, and even more specific..ww2 German. Just love that stuff! I hope this suffices your inquiry .Besides..What's cooler than Nazi Zombies?!

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    i like how you guys incorporate your historical interests into your ideas. i'd love to do that but never had the nerve. some people (quite a few actually) get completely bent out of shape over any reference at all. it's like if you appreciate something from the period, it has to be some sort of political statement.

    i've been collecting for years and i think probably 3 people know. that's it. the rest just wouldn't understand.

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    To each there own. It's your body.
    I've got some ink of my own. Each one means (or meant at one time) something to me.
    I can't say I've ever wanted and Swazies or Nazi related tats. They really turn some people
    off and in some areas around here might earn you a beating.

    But I'm sure some people don't like mine----so be it. I'm the one who has to live with
    the choices I made.
    Live to ride -- Ride to live

    I was addicted to the "Hokey-Pokey" but I've turned
    myself around.

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