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Article about: hello there just thought i would share my tatto with everyone,famous images and badges from ww2

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    Where I live, tat's (especially ones of SS stuff) usually carry the stigma of having done prison time or motorcycle gang types. I like to look at them and have a like for well done ones, but once they are on you are forever carrying them. Not for me, but some like them a lot. My two daughters have the "tramp stamp", a butterfly on the small of their backs. I don't want to know why. Of three sons, one had a couple.

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    i have a sort of strange relationship with this sleeve. i've had it about 10 years. in that time, i think perhaps 6-10 people know i have it. and that's it.

    basically it's ALWAYS covered. i almost always wear long sleeved, button up shirts when i leave the house. sun fades these things. that's one reason. the other is that i just dress pretty formally. not to me, but for the kind of place i live now. i've lived in Los Angeles, Berlin, NYC and suddenly i find myself in Northern California. took me a long time to not always be COMPLETELY overdressed. these days, i'm just sort of overdressed. i'm a little formal, so to have a sleeve at all doesn't exactly integrate well with the kind of lifestyle i lead... the sorts of people i know and the places i go. i'm not even sure why i have it. i think it's less the idea of the art and more the idea of secrets and the idea of things not being what they seem. i think having it is more conceptual and philosophical than anything else in a way.

    so pretty much, the thing is not publicly displayed. occasionally i do go out in short sleeves. one time, i went out to the grocery store and an extremely well dressed woman, corporate type and older says to me from at least 30 feet away, "Colin Stephens, right?" (the tattooist who did my sleeve). that was pretty surreal. you never know what people are going to think.

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